Flanged Worm Gear Gate Valve

Product Overview:

公称压力 1.0MPa
壳体试验 1.5MPa
密封试验 1.1MPa
工作温度 ≤80℃
适用介质 水


1. Use the best quality nodular cast iron. Unique structure, small size, high strength, light weight, accurate geometry, good low pressure sealing, replaceable sealing rings, resistant to aging.
2. The wedge is packed with glue wholly. Flat valve seat, reliable tightness, no sundries or sludge, excellent antirust, long service time.
3. Equipped with labor-saving structure of spiral umbrella gear. Fast speed of opening and closure, labor-saving, small flow resistance coefficient, easy operation, one man operation.
4.Can be used to convey mud. Least liquid accumulates at the pipe outlet.