Kitchen UF Water Purifier LS319U

Product Overview:

Application:Municipal Water
Filter Process:PP Fiber+ Nano Ceramic Cartridge+ Softening Resin Filter+ Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter+ Post Carbon Filter
Outow Rate:1.6L/min
Rated Total Outow:500L


Unique Patented U.S. Nanocrystalline Ceramic Technology Filter, Efficient Removal Of Heavy Metals.
High Quality Ultrafiltration Membrane Purification,Effectively Remove Bacteria,Colloids, Organics, And Other
Impurities, And Retain Beneficial Minerals And Trace Elements.
ONE-TOUCH Filter Cartridge, To Avoid Secondary Pollution, Easy and quick To Replace.
Can Be Regular Manual Flushed, Effectively Delay Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter Life.
Unique Design, Can Be Wall Mounted, Doesn't Require Electricity.