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LESSO COLLEGE is a corporate college founded by Guangdong Liansu Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., subsidiary company of China Lesso Group, in October 2011.

Covering a floor space of 2,128 sqm2 and construction area of 9,593 sqm2, LESSO COLLEGE is a complex building integrated with offices, staff learning and corporate culture events. It is equipped with hotel style staff apartment, which can receive over 400 staffs who head to the headquarters for training and business events at home and abroad. In addition, LESSO COLLEGE has over 10 various training rooms, including class style training rooms, multimedia rooms, simultaneous interpretation room, audio-visual room and seminar rooms, for the training course with 20 to 100 people; library, conference rooms, staff activity room, dancing room and so on. Besides, LESSO COLLEGE can accommodate 500 people for various trainings, lectures, conferences and events.


Vision: To Create a Study-Style LESSO, To Serve Globalized Development, To Build High-level College

Mission: Dedicated to serve the globalized development of LESSO and professional development of staff

Objectives: Be in pursuit of “Five Satisfactions”

Cradle of Talent Development – Make the Boss Satisfy

Platform for Culture Communication - Make the Group Satisfy

Partner of Performance Improvement- Make the Management Satisfy

Charge Station of Professional Development – Make the Staff Satisfy

Booster for Globalized Development – Make the Decision-maker Satisfy

Team Spirit: Team Spirit: Loyalty and Dedication, Pursuit of Excellence, Sharing and Inclusiveness, Cooperation for Win-win

Training Philosophy:

Learning In Order To Practice, Serving for LESSO’s Development

Putting people first, Serving for Staffs’ Growth

Emphasizing the Pertinence, Training with Hierarchical Classification

Emphasizing the Timeliness, Answering the Needs Quickly

Emphasizing the Effectiveness, Striving to Improve Performance

To Build the Training Management System for Serving Globalized Development of LESSO and Professional Development of Staff
To Strengthen the Function of LESSO COLLEGE’s Training Management and Service
To Create the Training System of LESSO COLLEGE, Training Guide and Service
To Build the informationalized Training Management Service Platform
To Provide Efficient, Convenient, High Quality and Personalized Learning Service for the Staff
To Establish a Training Course System with Hierarchical Classification
To Carry Out the Training Course with Hierarchical Classification Based on Different Training Needs and Characteristics
To Strengthen the Construction of Training Team and Resource Library
To Create a Trainer Resource Library with the combination of Professionalism and
To Strengthen the Standardized and Systematic Construction of Training Management
To Plan and Integrate the Training Resource Inside and Outside of the Company, to Pursue the Efficiency of the Training Service