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Founded in October 2011, LESSO COLLEGE is a corporate college independently founded by Lesso Group. The COLLEGE promotes and organizes the company's training system based on the group's development and human resources strategies; and it supports the company's strategy implementation, business development and human capital appreciation through training for various employees and management personnel. LESSO COLLEGE also provides services such as talent training, product, technology and management training for the group’s distributors and franchisees, so as to enhance the competitive advantages of our partners and the level of customer satisfaction.

The COLLEGE is located in a 5-story comprehensive building that integrates the functions of office, study, and entertainment. The training classrooms have various styles and types, as well as a large multi-functional lecture hall that can hold up to 300 people in theater-style, can fully satisfy the needs of course study, seminar, large-scale lecture and events and other training and learning activities. The COLLEGE Library contains 10,467 book records and its network is connected to the Foshan and Shunde libraries. The COLLEGE also provides other leisure and entertainment facilities like dance studio, billiard room, table tennis room and gym room for our staff.


Vision: To Build a learning organization, To Serve the Globalized Development, To build a Top-Performing College

Mission: Dedicated to serving the global development of LESSO and professional development of our staff

Objectives:In pursuit of the “Five Satisfaction”

Cradle of Talent Development – Make the Boss Satisfy

Platform for Culture Communication - Make the Group Satisfy

Partner of Performance Improvement- Make the Management Satisfy

Power Station of Professional Development – Make the Staff Satisfy

Booster of Globalized Development- Make the Decision-maker Satisfy

Team Spirit: Loyalty and Dedication, Pursuit of Excellence, Sharing and Inclusiveness, Cooperation for Win-win

Training Philosophy:

To Study for the Purpose of Application of Knowledge

Serves for LESSO’s Development

People Centered, Serves for Staff’s Growth

Emphasizes on the Pertinence, Diversified Training with Hierarchical Classification

Emphasizes on Effectiveness and Efficiencies, Responds to the Needs Quickly

Strives to Improve Performance

Established Training System for Globalized Development of LESSO and Professional Development of Employees
To Strengthen the Function of LESSO COLLEGE’s Training Management and Service
To Create the Training System of LESSO COLLEGE, Training Guide and Service
To Build the informationalized Training Management Service Platform
To Provide Efficient, Convenient, High Quality and Personalized Learning Service for the Staff
To Establish a Training Course System with Hierarchical Classification
To Carry Out the Training Course with Hierarchical Classification Based on Different Training Needs and Characteristics
To Strengthen the Construction of Training Team and Resource Library
To Create a Trainer Resource Library with the combination of Professionalism and
To Strengthen the Standardized and Systematic Construction of Training Management
To Plan and Integrate the Training Resource Inside and Outside of the Company, to Pursue the Efficiency of the Training Service