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Lesso Sanitary Ware

Sanitary Ware

LESSO Sanitary Ware is the key project of China Lesso Group Holdings Ltd. (Stock Code: 2128.HK) . The sanitary wares include ceramic items (basins, bathtubs, toilets, squattting pans), faucets, showers, shower rooms,bathroom vanities, bathroom accessories and so on. With well-equipped manufactured lines, LESSO will provide one-stop bathroom products and service.

Lesso Intelligent Toilet

Intelligent Toilet

Lesso Toilet


Lesso Squatting Pan

Squatting Pan

Lesso Urinal


Lesso Ceramic Basin

Ceramic Basin

Lesso Bathtub


Lesso Shower Room

Shower Room

Lesso Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity

Lesso Faucet


Lesso Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless Steel Sink

Lesso Multifunctional Shower

Multifunctional Shower

Lesso Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories