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Lesso Decorative Panel

Decorative Panel

Products include non-asbests fiber reinforced calcium sliicate board with thickness ranging from 4mm to 35mm, colorful tiny board, coated board and composite wall board and all kinds of series , which have been widely used in the fields of external wall-insulation, decoration , fire-proof tunnel, bridge and shipping industry etc.

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Six Product Advantages
Lesso 100% Non asbestos and environmental friendly

100% Non asbestos and environmental friendly

The main ingredients of LESSO board are quartz, cement, synthetic fiber and perlite as well as other light materials. Asbestos-free production line offers the 100% non-asbestos board. The state health inspection authority has identified that it conforms to radioactivity and other sanitation standards and pertains to green environment-protection building materials.
Lesso Water-proof and humidity resistance

Water-proof and humidity resistance

LESSO board is a kind of material which can breathe itself. It not only has the property of hydrolytic resistance , but also has the reasonable value of hygroscopicity and water content. In order to achieve the aim of comfortable environment, it can breathe and out automatically to reach the balance between air humidity and water content of board.
Lesso Moisture preserving , thermal insulation and energy saving

Moisture preserving , thermal insulation and energy saving

The thermal conductivity is only 0.16w/m·k, which can create a real comfortable environment with warm in winter and cool in summer. It can adjust the micro-climate system so as to achieve the aim of energy consumption reduction.
Lesso Light weight and earthquake resistance

Light weight and earthquake resistance

The weight per unit area of LESSO panel is less than 40kg/m2, equivalent to 8% of the 240mm thick brick, which helps to enlarge the construction utility area(indirect benefit) and improve earthquake resistance.
Lesso Good property of sound-absorbing and sound insulation

Good property of sound-absorbing and sound insulation

There are quite a amount of sound-absorbing material in the composition of LESSO panel, which can totally satisfy the need of special sound-absorbing structure.
Lesso Easy installation

Easy installation

The material and density of LESSO panel present the good performance of processing.It is dry operation when installed. The interval of the keel is large(610MM), which can reduce the quantity of keel, expedite installation and save the cost of cleaning.

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