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Partition Wall Sandwich Panel 0
Partition Wall Sandwich Panel 0

Partition Wall Sandwich Panel

Product Overview

LESSO COMPOSITE WALL-PARTITION BOARD is a kind of composite solid wall panel constituted by polystyrene granule, lightweight portland cement, a variety of additives and the core of lightweight aggregate concrete body, based on medium density LESSO FIBER CEMENT BOARD.
Products are given lots of excellent characteristics, such as lightweight, solid, thin body, high strength, sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, fire prevention, moisture proof, antifreeze, ageing resistance, strong gravity bearing, impact resistance, etc.. LESSO COMPOSITE WALL-PARTITION BOARD also have the advantages of good decorative, nailabe, sawalbe, environmental, directly grooving buried pipe, and simple construction ,etc. Moreover, LESSO COMPOSITE WALL-PARTITION BOARD has good economic benefit, which could reduce wall facing quantities and shorten the construction cycle. They also can increase the practical space of the building, reducing the main structure of the load, the structural engineering investment and the comprehensive cost.

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