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Lesso Drainage & Sewerage

Drainage & Sewerage

LESSO offers the best PVC, UPVC, HDPE drainage and sewerage pipes and fittings for residential and industrial buildings. You can choose from the different pipe types for waste and rainwater discharge, which include PVC-U drainage pipe and fittings, PVC gutter, siphon-type roof rainwater drain system Pipe and Fittings and HDPE same-floor drain system. In addition to meeting the required specifications, our pipes go through extensive testing to ensure they can maintain their quality and performance.

Lesso PVC-U Drainage Pipe

PVC-U Drainage Pipe

Material: Unplasticized Poly(Vinyl Chloride )
Size:full 32mm through 630mm availability
Standard: ISO 3633:2002
Colors:white or other colors availability upon request
Form Supplied: 4m,6m or other Length availability upon request
Lesso PVC-U Drainage Pipe Fittings

PVC-U Drainage Pipe Fittings

® Material: Unplasticized Poly (Vinyl Chloride)
© Size: full 32mm through 315mm availability
® Standard: ISO 3633, GB/T 5836
® Color: white or other colors availability upon request
Lesso PVC-U Gutter for Roof Drainage

PVC-U Gutter for Roof Drainage

Roof drainage system is mainly composed of gutter, drop outlet, drainage pipeline and relative accessories. Gutter(also called as rain gutter) is the grooved drainage ditch below eave, used for catching roof rainwater and guiding rainwater down to earth through downspouts. This system can drain rainwater from structure reasonably, then prevent damage to roof, wall and foundation.
Rain gutter and accessories can adapt the need for draining roof water on slop roof architecture, and their most roles are to increase service time of architecture. For the roof not installed with rain gutter and accessories, the ground below will produce ditch or plash because of rain drops, which affects coming in and out and causes damage to foundations around architecture. The splashed water drops attach on outside wall of architecture, striping aesthetics. The falling rainwater and snow-water, especially hard rain, will gather to plash in a short time. So it is necessary to set gutter to drain rainwater on roof to outdoor in an organized and systematic way. Otherwise will cause rainwater to flow here and there and affect the life and production activities of people.
Lesso HDPE Same-Floor Drain System

HDPE Same-Floor Drain System

HDPE Same-floor Drain can be applied to the wall-drain-type same-floor system and floor-sink-type same-floor system.
Lesso Siphon-type Roof Rainwater Drain System Pipe and Fittings

Siphon-type Roof Rainwater Drain System Pipe and Fittings

Siphon-type drain system takes special rainwater head to absorb the rainwater and forms the full flow status in pipe. With the aid of potential energy due to the drop of architecture and falling water, the minus pressure is obtained in pipe so that the flow in rainwater head or horizontal can be pushed under additional pressure. Above phenomenon is called as siphon. siphon can expedite the flow in drain pipe and drain the roof rainwater more quickly.

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Lesso Distribution of  Production Bases

Distribution of Production Bases

Headquartered in Shunde, Guangdong, China Lesso Group owns over 26 major production bases in 16 provinces in China, as well as Canada and America. China Lesso's production bases and sales network cover the whole country and radiate the globe, which can efficiently provides customers with products and service in time.
Lesso Independent R&D

Independent R&D

Technology innovation is the vitality of an enterprise. China LESSO Group embraces a R&D institute with over 1000 scientific researchers, a post-doctoral research center and laboratories accredited by CNAS. There are over 1800 patents applied and pending.
Lesso Comprehensive Service System

Comprehensive Service System

Our objective is to provide the best quality services for customers' satisfaction. Our services run through the whole process from pre-sale project planning,training and installation guidance to after-sale product support and quality maintenance.
Lesso Efficient Logistics System

Efficient Logistics System

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