Exterior Wall Planel

Product Overview:

Fiber cement board with high density is a kind of high-rise building curtain wall board with high density, high strength and low water absorption. It is produced by the process of pressing and steam curing with special requirement. It is made of a special kind of siliceous material, calcareous material with special process and cellulose fiber as well as special additives.


1. Fiber cement board with medium density is a multipurpose indoor partition wall ceiling board with medium density and humidity resistance. It can be used in exterior wall after dealing with waterproof.
2. It can be used in indoor comparable moist area of all kinds of industry and civil building for humidity resistance and fireproof partition wall and ceiling. It can be particularly regarded as baseboard of exterior wall to keep warm.
3. The impact resistance is high, which makes it particularly suitable for partition wall and ceiling use in the school, market and theatre with big flow density.
4. The performance of sound insulation is outstanding, which makes it suitable for the places with high private and sound insulation requirements.

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