Bicolor PP-R Water Pipe for Home Decoration

Product Overview:

Bi-color PP-R water pipe is produced based on GB/T18742.1, GB/T18742.2, GB/T18742.3, GB/T17219 and Ministry of Health. And the quality control according to
The inside layer of bi-color PP-R water pipe is opaque, thus it can reduce the breeding of bacteria and cannot effect the water quality. The color of outside layer can be custom-made.


◎ Cold and hot water supply, including central-heating system.
◎ Heating systems in buildings, including floor, wall and radiant heating system.
◎ Drinking water supply system.
◎ Central (centralized) air-conditioning systems.
◎ Industrial pipeline system of chemical medium transportation & drainage.
◎ The color of outside layer can be custom-made.
◎ Corrosion resistance, no-scale, healthy and non-toxic.
The use of bi-color pipe can prevent secondary pollution to water caused by the inner scale and corrosion of galvanized steel pipe. PP-R confirms to the non-toxic regulation of food hygiene, and more suited to convey drinking water.
◎ The inner and outer surface of pipe is smooth, which ensures flow smoothly and reduces flow resistance.
◎ Temperature resistance, low-thermal conductor. Bi-color pipe can bear hot water and high pressure, and its long-term working temperature is 70℃.
◎ Heat preservation and energy saving. The heat conductivity coefficient of bi-color PP-R pipe is only 0.5% of galvanized steel pipe, and 0.1% of copper pipe. Its energy effect is excellent when used for thermal retardation.
◎ Good corrosion resistance: No-scale, no corrosion.
◎ The pipeline system is safe and reliable. It can work for more than 50 years under proper use.
◎ Easy to install. PP-R pipes and fittings can be jointed by socket fusion and electro fusion.