88 Sliding Door Series 0
88 Sliding Door Series 0

88 Sliding Door Series

Product Overview

The design of 4 chambers and 3 tracks improves heat-solution of windows & doors.
Mosquito mesh can be installed on this slide door.
3. The groove of sliding track takes the design of tear-able structure, which is convenient to decide whether installed Aluminum track or not.
4. You can use grooved sliding roller or flat roller on the track.
5. Between 3 tracks ,our design of track is lean-design, with top-position drainage structure. It can keep smooth drainage system.
6. LESSO can supply 3 kind of sash size to meet customers project’s requirement (57mm,67mm,87mm).
7. Sliding door sash are with two separated chambers, it can use the reinforcement steel into one chamber.also can increase steel according client’s requirement, to improve strength of this slide door.8. This system can be designed into flat style, frame flat with floor, other is under floor level.

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