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Lesso Service Center


Globalized Production

Established in China, Taking Global Strides


China Lesso has introduced world-class production equipment and established modernized production lines. The automatic production equipment guarantees China Lesso's manufacturing capacity and vitalizes the business.

China Lesso has built over 26 major manufacturing bases in 16 provinces across China, the United States and Canada. Manufacturing bases in India, Indonesia and Uganda are soon to be set up.



Globalized Marketing

Domestic Coverage, Global Expansion


China Lesso has set up approximately 100 business service agencies across China. Over 2,100 quality level I distributors of Lesso piping and over 100 LessoHome stores can readily provide customers with professional services.

With the advancement of our globalization strategy, China Lesso has founded companies in Canada and the U.S. and broadened its scope of distribution, and has developeda service agency and distribution network featuring domestic coverage and global expansion.