The Group extended the reach of its specialty sales and marketing platform, “One-Stop Specialty Market for Home Furnishing and Consumer Products”, to the overseas markets. The Group built multinational platforms for all manufacturers of home furnishings, building materials and consumer products to showcase their products and facilitate the distribution and retailing of such products. The Group also provides ancillary services, including marketing and branding.

We are also developing and running large-scale trade centres also known as “Markets” for wholesale and retail manufactured goods in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. We understand the business of tenants and actively helps to look for opportunities across country borders via the comprehensive Asian Network. The service teams will be mainly managed and operated by professional local management teams with years of industry experience in the local market. Service teams serve the suppliers in the pan-home field, and provide customs clearance, logistics, delivery, credit guarantee and other services to handle last-mile issues between suppliers and buyers.