Carrying the Banner of “Intelligently Made in China”, Lesso’s High Quality Development Draws Attention of The Growing of the Great Brand of CCTV Again

Since the reform and opening up, China's prosperity and development amazes the world. Behind the rising of living quality, there are devotions of all walks of life without any complaints. As a leader in the pipeline manufacturing industry, China Lesso has once again attracted the attention of "The Growing of the Great Brand" of CCTV-1 with the development of high-quality intelligent manufacturing.

In the footage of "The Growing of the Great Brand", China Lesso fully shows how, as a leader in the development of "Made in China" to "Intelligently Made in China", it carries the banner of "Made in China", actively promotes the pipeline industry to take the road of high-quality development, to meet people’s growing needs for a better life.

Deepening Arrangement of Intelligent Manufacturing , Empowering Reforms of Pipeline Industry
Intelligent manufacturing is the commanding peak of manufacturing development and the driving force of a better life. China Lesso has always been committed to digital equipment manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing upgrading, driving the reforms of plastic pipe industry, and building a better life for people.
Fully aware of the significance of intelligent manufacturing, China Lesso has established more than 30 advanced production bases at home and abroad, gradually builds up intelligent factories of "Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing and automated production". In the intelligent factory, the intelligent unmanned workshop of Lesso can operate 24 hours a day, and the interaction between each process is coordinated by the system, without manual intervention. While strictly controlling the product quality, the intelligent manufacturing of products is realized, which greatly improves productivity and efficiency.
With the further expansion of intelligent factories, it will not only build the core competitiveness of Lesso for its own intelligent development, but also drive the optimization and upgrading of the industry and technological changes, leading the whole plastic piping industry to move towards intelligent development, so as to promote the whole society to progress towards a better life.
Practicing Intelligent Manufacturing, Empowering A Better Life

China Lesso's strong intelligent manufacturing strength has positive impact on people's lives. In March 2021, the National Two Sessions made it clear that the "fourteenth Five-year Plan" period should deepen the people-centered new urbanization strategy, implement urban renewal action, improve the housing market system and housing security system, and improve the quality of urbanization development. This is the first time that "urban renewal" has been written into the government work report. Most of the work focuses on urban ecological restoration, reconstruction of old urban residential areas and urban flood control and drainage, among which pipelines, as the carrier of material and energy transportation, play a very important role.

China Lesso has been helping with urban renewal. In order to further promote the intelligent development of cities, while focusing on the quality of pipeline products, China Lesso is also vigorously promoting the intelligence of products. Intelligent networks, for example, by putting smart chips into pipes and pipe fittings, can monitor water, electricity and gas pipeline systems, and get the key data of daily operations through data analysis. In addition, China Lesso will provide the overall design, piping system projects and intelligent monitoring system in the construction of urban underground pipe corridor.

Similarly, aiming at high-quality development, China Lesso has provided many products and technologies for agricultural modernization through technical services and technological innovation. In 2017, the research team of Lesso overcame technical difficulties and took the lead to realize overall lead-free PVC pipes, promoting the lead free process of the whole plastic pipe industry, giving vitality to a green and healthy society. In terms of agricultural cultivation, PVC lead-free pipes can be used in agricultural soilless cultivation and irrigation, making agricultural modernization healthy and green. In the field of animal husbandry, it can effectively improve the environment and health performance of the breeding, ensuring the safety of draining and feeding.

China Lesso is actively promoting the development of the pipeline industry towards intelligence and digitization by continuously strengthening the construction of intelligent manufacturing, and successfully empowering urban renewal and rural revitalization. That’s the strength and responsibility that makes China Lesso highly appreciated by The Growing of the Great Brand of CCTV.