联塑Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games Stadium

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games Stadium

It is rigorous and challenging to prepare for the 2022 Winter Olympic venues, such as the Yanqing National Sliding Centre, due to the difficult design and construction process under the difficult climate condition.LESSO has been one of the invisible guardians for the orderly operation of the Winter Olympics venues in Beijing with our HDPE pipe series that have low-temperature impact resistance with excellent strength and toughness under the rough climate. LESSO is proud to represent Made in China for the Winter Olympics and wishes the best of luck to all the athletes.

● Country: China

Case Details

  National Sliding Centre in Yanqing as an example, dubbed as "Flying Snow Dragon", it is the third sliding track in Asia that can satisfy the requirements of the Olympic Games, also the first one in China.

  Due to professionalism of the sports and strict conditions, National Sliding Centre is considered as one of new facilities for the Games that is most difficult in design, construction progress and construction technology. The siting of the venue is on the mountain’s southern slope, where the weather conditions are more severe than that on the north side. In competition zone, the outdoor temperature is as low as -32℃, and the frozen ground extends to a minimum depth of 1.8 meter. What’s more, there are cliffs on two sides of the ridge, featuring complex terrain in the zone. The track's vertical drop is more than 121 meters. Under severe environments like low temperature and huge vertical drop, all building materials for the venue’s construction should have great performance in cold tolerance and flexibility.

  China Lesso’s HDPE piping systems have high impact resistance in low temperature and do not crack even at -20℃, featuring excellent physical and chemical properties in extreme cold in the competition zone. The pipes adopt special circular hollow structure with high strength and flexibility, adapting to the vertical drop of the tracks. Great comprehensive performances of the pipes enable Lesso shoulder the important tasks of rainwater and sewage collection and conveying in the Yanqing National Sliding Centre.


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