Focus on Employee’s Development and Growth

We pay great attention to the development and growth of our employees. With diversified training programs for our staff, we provide them with clear career development paths, and help them continue to sharpen their competitive advantages. By breaking the restrictions on talent circulation among different departments, we can speed up the cross-departmental talents’ flow, and help employees to find their own development path and realize their own value to a greater extent, so as to resonate and develop together with the Enterprise.

LESSO Characteristics Talent Training Schemes
Occupational Health and Safety
Employees health and safety is of vital importance to our company, we continuously improve safety management systems and policies strictly complied with occupational health-related laws and regulations, and carry out safety and health-related training courses to improve employees awareness of occupational safety protection and related skills, and provide employees with labor protection supplies and fitness facilities to protect the health and occupational safety of our employees.
Work Life Balance
We have built a platform for every employee to fully demonstrate their talents, and have created a balanced, comfortable and beautiful working and living environment for all the members. We provide various courses for employees such as DIY, cooking, babysitting, baking, painting, floral art, dancing, yoga and so on, to cultivate employees' hobbies and improve the quality of life. By organizing team building activities, festival activities, sports meetings, etc., we can unite the strength of employees and enhance their senses of happiness and belonging.
Family Painting
DIY Canvas Bag
Teachers’ Day Activity
Chocolate DIY