Polyester Fiber Reinforced PVC Hose

Product Overview

This product is formed of three layers: PVC inner and outer layers, middle mesh reinforced layer made of double-wound polyester.
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◎ Unique formula of polyester reinforced PVC makes Lesso products far exceed other similar products in corrosionresistance, aging-resistance,abrasion-resistance and resilience.

◎ Introduction of European equipments and process technology of world advanced level brings excellent and stable quality of Lesso products.

◎ Special mesh reinforced layer design allows the products to meet several different service pressure requirement.

◎ Using lead-free formula, conforms to the national edible sanitation standards.

◎ High flexibility, can easily be wound and unwound at the temperature ranging from -10℃-65℃    .

◎ Light-weight,good pressure-resistance,can provide products of different burst pressures upon request.

◎ Can be recycled, no pollution occurred during production, installation and application, it is a green environmental protection product

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