210 MBB Half-cell Mono Perc Module

Product Overview

Power Range:645W~665W
Power Tolerance:0W~+5W
Maximum Efficiency:21.5%
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Product Details

1. The application of multi-busbar (MBB) half-cut cell technology brings stronger resistance to shade and lower risk of hot spot.

2. Strict control on raw materials and process optimization of high efficiency PERC ensure better resistance against PID of PV module.

3. Through harsh weathering tests of sand, dust, salt mist, ammonia, etc., to get stronger weather resistance of outdoor environment.

4. Lower oxygen and carbon content result in lower LID.

5. By series and parallel design, to reduce the series RS and achieve higher power output and lower BOS cost.

6. Lower temperature coefficients and lower operating temperature can ensure higher power generation.


First-Class Warranty

(1) 12 years product workmanship warranty

(2) 25 years linear power output warranty

(3) 1st year power degradation no more than 2%

Subsequent annual power degradation no more than 0.55% 

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