Steel-plastic Composite Pipe

Product Overview

The plastic-coated compound steel pipe is extensively applied to the civil water supply, industrial water supply, fire fighting, sewage transportation, communication circuit, optical fiber cable, coal gas transportation, foodstuff process, medicine and machinery fields, especially an ideal product for the urban water supply
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Excellent Corrosion Resistance 

With strong adhesive force, excellent compactness and sound resistance to corrosion, the inner plastic layer of the plastic coated compound steel pipe can effectively prolongs the lifetime of the pipe. In general circumstances, the galvanizing coat is effectively resistant to the corrosion. But, under a bad working environment such as an acid environment the plastic coated compound steel pipe is much better than the hot dip galvanized pipe.

Excellent Mechanical Strength 

With an excellent mechanical strength as the one of the hot-dip galvanizing steel pipe, the plastic coated compound steel pipe can effectively bear such outside influences as impact, bending, pressure, etc.

Good Sanitary Property

Made of polythene or epoxy resin powder, the plastic layer is nonpoisonous, tasteless, causing no pollution to water, perfectly up to the state standards for the domestic water conduit pipe.

Small Fluid Resistance 

With a smooth inner wall and small friction, the plastic coated compound steel pipe for water supply is hard to accumulate waterscale and has small fluid resistance, never blocks the water flow.

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