PE-RT II Pipe Special for Solar

Product Overview

PE-RT II pipe special for Solar is made of PE-RT II resin appended with special UVA, which has excellent pressure-resistance and hot&low temperature-resistance, Weather-resistance as well. Product fulfills the requirement of industrial standard CJ/T 318-2009.
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Product Details

Pipe Features


1.Excellent hot-temperature resistance. The properties of heating resistance is better than normal pipe and is desirable for higher requirement from solar hot-water system. 

2.Good low-temperature resistance can take precaution against cracking of pipe in chilling environment.

3.Wonderful weather resistance  can match requirement of solar hot-water conveyance used outdoor.

4.Good sanitary characteristic. No toxic and heavy-metal additives. No scaling and hard for breeding of bacteria.




Fittings Features

1. Good sealing ability. No leakage occurs under high pressure.

2. Excellent low and high temperature resistance. The application temperature ranges between 0~95°C. 

3.Good high pressure resistance ability. 

4.Out of synchronization of expansion caused by heat or cooling on copper fittings and plastics tube never happen in the system. 5.Healthy without toxic. 

6. Easy installation and connection safely. It is convenient for usage with low price.



It is applied to soft or half-soft hose, hot&cold-water Aluminum-plastics-composited pipe, PE-X pipe, PE-RT hot and cold water pipe, PE-RT solar pipe. Due to diversity on product from difference manufacturer, test or pre­ installation is necessary.




Physical Properties

Product fulfills the requirement of industrial standard CJ/T 318-2009. S value is presented in accordance with Table 1 on the basis of design temperature and pressure.

PE-RT II Pipe Special for Solar Physical Properties

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