PE-RT Floor Heating Pipe

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PE-RT Pipe and Fitting are manufactured in accordance with CJ/T 175-2002, using ethylene-octylene copolymer as main raw material, intended for high temperature resistance usage. The raw material has special molecular structure, which includes linear polyethylene as the backbone chain plus controllable branches, so that the PE-RT pipe and fittings have excellent pressure resistance. Meanwhile, it has superior flexibility, then it can be easily bent without changing the shape. It also performs well in low temperature. Plus the advantages of sanitary, heat welding joints, reliable connection without the worry of leakage, it is an ideal plumbing system for floor heating.

Generally, the oxygen resistance of plastic pipe is poor, so, the plumbing system need to be used with the pipes bear oxygen resistance if it requires. Liansu PE-RT (oxygen resistance) floor
heating pipe adopts three layers co-extrusion technique. The pipe is coated with a layer of hot melt glue and a layer of EVOH (oxygen resistance) evenly on the surface. The coatings can
stop the oxygen penetrate into he heat recycle system effectively, and reduce the corrosion on the equipments. The picture below is the structure of Liansu PE-RT (oxygen resistance) floor heating pipe, and the oxygen permeation flux of our product satisfies the requirements of plastic heating pipe.
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1. It is widely used in floor heating systems in domestic living rooms, bedrooms, public  bathrooms, swimming pools, kindergarten,beadhouse etc. 

2. Hot and cold water supply.





1. Light weight, easy to transport and install.

2. Excellent flexibility, flexural modulus is 550MPa. When it is installed (especially in winter), it can be easily bent without heating or using particular tools. Therefore, the processing cost will be relatively low. It can be sold in coil shape.

3. Superior thermal conductivity, the heat conductivity coefficient is 0.40W/m·K, suitable for using as floor heating pipeline.

4. Great impact resistance in low temperature. It retains high flexibility in low temperature. When it is installed in winter, the property aforementioned can protect the pipeline from impact damage, which has essentially contributed to the operational flexibility of the pipeline.

5. Environmental friendly, recyclable, will not pollute the environment and will not conduce secondary pollution.

6. Stability without worry about controlling the regularity of the crosslink, oversimplified manufacturing process produces pipes with stable properties.

7. Long life expectancy with excellent environmental adaptability and good chemical erosion resistance, the life expectancy under proper usage will be more than 50 years.

8. Reliable connecting method. In order to form a complete close impervious system, it can be connected by heat welding, convenient and reliable.

9. Sanitary, safe, innocuous and smelless.





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