Are UPVC Doors Better Than Wooden Doors?

upvc doors vs wooden doors

UPVC is a form of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The material is more rigid and solid and is known for offering durable results. uPVC, one of the most ideal framing and profiling materials, No additives or plasticizers are added during the manufacturing process.

After it has been manufactured, many production companies reinforce the uPVC by inserting a core of galvanised steel to increase strength. Currently, UPVC has become a preferred choice for doors and indoors. In addition to these, the material is also considered a good choice for plumbing. It is used in guttering and pipes.

What Are the Pros and Cons of UPVC Door?

Pros and Cons of UPVC Door


  • UPVC door can withstand harsh weather elements and can last long in unfavorable climate conditions. It can be the best solution for those areas prone to unpredictable rains. As it is nonporous, any fluids including rainwater will bounce off it instead of causing any damage.
  • The material is environmentally friendly and recyclable. It will not harm the environment in any manner. It can be a great solution if you want cost-effective and environmentally-friendly doors or windows for your home.
  • The maintenance requirements are also minimal. With little maintenance, you can use this material for more than three decades.
  • It will not warp or cause shape change due to moisture penetration. The material will get wet fast and will dry out quickly without leaving any lasting impact. The shape will remain accurate and stable during its lifespan.
  • UPVC is durable. It can last around three decades. However, the material quality and the design of your door might impact durability.
  • UPVC is highly energy-efficient, and it offers excellent insulation as well.


  • UPVC doors have a limited range of colors to choose from. These do not permit the usage of paint or varnish.
  • They are liable to sagging as well as sashing because these are light in weight.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Wooden Door?

Pros and Cons of Wooden Door


  • A wooden door can make your property appealing and sophisticated.
  • It is a perfect blend of beauty and sophistication. You can install wood doors to create an eye-catching look for your home. Everyone is going to appreciate this addition.
  • A wood door can be shaped to any refined and elegant design.
  • Wood is energy efficient and easy to get into any shape. You can find any design, style, and colour that complement the other decors of your home.
  • It can boost the resell value of your property. If you want to renovate your home, you must consider adding wooden doors.
  • Wood is a good insulator.
  • Wooden doors will not corrode and rust with regular maintenance.
  • It offers a strong and uniform appearance.


  • Wood is expensive.
  • The material will demand more maintenance.
  • It can catch fire and pose dangers to your property.
  • Wood is not a good option for rainy areas.

What Is Right for You?

Both wooden and UPVC doors feature some best qualities. You can choose any of them. Before deciding on these materials, you will have to consider a few factors such as cost, design, and durability.

For example, if you have a limited budget, you can go with UPVC. You are going to spend more on the wooden door. Let’s make a fair comparison of both to know which one is a better choice.

Maintenance: UPVC doors demand a little maintenance compared to a wood door. You will have to repaint your wood door in three to five years to retain the impressive look.

Durability: The life expectancy of UPVC doors is up to three decades. However, wooden doors might last long with proper maintenance.

Look: A wooden door looks more impressive and attractive than UPVC doors. You can find a range of colours and designs from wood. However, UPVC doors are plain.

Quality:   strong and can give the best protection to your home.

Insulation: Wood can be a good insulator. It can boost thermal efficiency. However, users will have to treat the door regularly to minimize the possibility of rotting, cracking, and warping.

Cost: Wooden doors can boost the curb appeal of any home. However, these are expensive than UPVC doors.

As stated earlier, both wooden doors and UPVC doors will have some distinct features. When installed properly, they can boost the appearance of any home. Both these types have some positives and negatives. You can consider both to find the most suitable one. With a restricted budget, you can go with UPVC doors. You can get them at an affordable. Also, the maintenance requirements are minimal. These are strong and durable. However, these are not super flexible, and that will limit your choice.

If you are looking for impressive designs, you can go with wood. Make sure that you have a flexible budget. Also, you will have to consider the maintenance requirements. If you think that you are prepared to spend more and regular upkeep, you should not look beyond a wooden door.

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