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Guangdong Lesso Environmental Protection Business Management Co., Ltd., the subsidiary of China Lesso Group, is regarded as one of the four main businesses. There are several institutes, including Guangzhou EP Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., Guangdong Lianqing Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Huaqing Environmental Supervision Co., ltd., Foshan Shunde Huifengyuan Environmental Management Co., Ltd and other related subsidiaries. 





Our services cover water environment treatment, waste gas treatment, solid waste disposal, dangerous waste disposal, soil remediation, engineering consultancy, environmental monitoring service, professional operation of environmental protection facilities, ocean protection, environmental investment and basic scientific research service.




To capitalize on the Chinese government's environmental protection initiatives, China Lesso Group is actively expanding its environmental protection business. During the year under review, the Group made a breakthrough in the environmental protection business, and won contracts to supply its products to many large-scale projects, including those of municipal sewerage system, river treatment, soil restoration, underground pipeline utility tunnel, sponge city, installation of integrated water purifiers and other fields.
Guangzhou EP Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.
Services: Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Municipal Sewage Treatment, Sponge City Construction, Technique Consultancy, R&D, Etc.
Guangdong Lesso-Tsinghua Environment Co., Ltd.
Services: Dangerous Solid Waste Disposal, Soil Remediation, Waste Gas Treatment, etc.
Guangzhou Huaqing Environmental Supervision Co., ltd.
Services: Environmental Monitoring
Foshan Shunde Huifengyuan Environmental Management Co., Ltd.
Services: Waste Water Treatment, Operation of Large-scale Sewage Treatment Project 
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