Which Type of Window is Better for Your Bathroom?

Best Windows for Bathroom

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Choosing a window for your bathroom can be very difficult since you need to combine several considerations that at the first glance seem to not fit together very well. On the one hand, bathroom windows are necessary for ventilation and you will want to place them in a way that allows them to let in a lot of natural light – on the other hand, a bathroom is a place where we want lots of privacy.

There is no question that bathroom windows are necessary. Whether you use the bathtub or shower, there is a lot of moisture being released in a bathroom every day. Such a warm and humid environment is beneficial for the growth of mold and unwanted bacteria. Therefore, the humidity needs to be decreased by ventilating regularly, at least 15 to 20 minutes a day.

What Kinds of Windows for Bathroom Are There?

There is a variety of window styles that work well in a bathroom.

Kinds of Windows for Bathroom

First, it makes sense to look at the difference between crank windows and sliders: crank windows work like doors and open by hinging outwards. Slide windows, as the name says, open by sliding to the side.

Crank Windows

Crank windows are more energy-efficient than sliding windows since they have a compression seal at the point where the sash – the window segment – meets the frame. This means that they are airtight when closed, resulting in minimal heat loss. They tend to be more expensive than sliding windows.

There are two main kinds of crank windows: awning windows and casement windows.

Awning Windows

Awning windows open upwards, which means that they can be left open in any weather. They allow air to get into the room while rain or snow are being blocked by the windowpane that forms a little roof above the opening. When these windows are fitted with privacy glass, they still conceal the view when they are open. This makes awning windows excellent for rooms that need a lot of ventilation but face streets or other buildings.

You will also often find an awning window in combination with a fixed window below them. The fixed window cannot be opened and ensures energy efficiency while the awning window takes care of the ventilation. This combination window also looks very decorative and can make your bathroom a lot brighter.

Casement Windows

Casement windows open to the side. This means that when they are open, somebody could look in from the side, even if the pane itself is protected by privacy glass or a window tinting film. Therefore, they work well in a bathroom that faces a garden or that is on a high floor so that you do not have to worry about privacy.


Sliding windows consist of two sashes. They open by sliding one sash to the side, on top of the other one. They are great for small bathrooms since they can be opened without taking up any space on the inside or the outside. Unfortunately, the space between the sashes is prone to freezing. They can be protected by ETI foam or a waterproof window treatment.

What are the Suitable Windows to Use in the Bathroom?

Aside from the considerations about privacy, natural light, and ventilation, is it also important that the windows that are installed in bathrooms are as consideration resistant as possible.

Sometimes, condensation can even occur inside the glass, and in this case, it cannot be wiped away. To avoid this, you will want the warmest possible glass surface on the inside of the room, because the colder the glass, the quicker there will be condensation.

How to Choose A Bathroom Window?

When it comes to choosing a bathroom window, you should consider the potential for ventilation, natural light, privacy, but also style and placement. After all, windows are not only functional but an integral part of an interior design that makes you feel at home.

How to Choose A Bathroom Window

It is not impossible to reconcile all these requirements! Even when you need to cover the window with window tinting films, which you can find in any hardware store, you can still integrate them into your bathroom design so that they go with the color of the walls and appliances.

The placement can make a big difference when it comes to catching natural light, and in the case that your bathroom faces away from the sun, you can use bright colors and strategically placed mirrors to make any room seem brighter.

Your central consideration should be to acquire a window that can easily be opened and closed and that has a glass pane that can handle the warmth and humidity that goes with using the shower or bathtub. Energy efficiency is also important, especially when you live in a colder climate, otherwise, the cozy warmth will escape all too quickly.

Tips for Maintaining Your Bathroom Window

Since the bathroom is a very humid room you should ventilate at least once a day. This is not only necessary to avoid moisture damage inside the bathroom, but also damage to the window. Otherwise, you would risk mold growing around the window.

When a window is covered with condensation it should be wiped down, otherwise, the water will run down the pane and collect at the bottom. To seal windows and avoid drafts entering through leaks, it is recommended to caulk them. There is specific caulking for humid rooms available that withstand moisture and mold.

All in all, you will see that is not impossible to meet all the requirements for a bathroom window that is energy efficient, easy to use, and offers privacy. LESSO windows are made from a weather-resistant material that can withstand both high and low temperatures as well as high-level wind pressure.

Since our windows are noise-insulated, you can enjoy a relaxing bath at any time, no matter whether there is a thunderstorm outside or your neighbors have decided to try out their new noisy lawnmower. With their simple yet elegantly timeless design, LESSO windows look great in bathrooms of any size and style.

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