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Lesso LESSO Water Supply Pipes

LESSO Water Supply Pipes

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Lesso Water Supply

Water Supply

LESSO offers the best PVC, UPVC, PPR, aluminum-plastic composite Pipe, steel-plastic composite pipes, and fittings for plumbing systems of residential and industrial buildings. Manufacturer of different types of water supply pipes.

Lesso PVC-U Water Supply Pipe

PVC-U Water Supply Pipe

·Material: Unplasticized Poly (Vinyl Chloride)
·Pressure Rating: 0.63MPa, 0.8MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.25MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.0MPa, 2.5MPa
Lesso PVC-U Gasketed Fittings

PVC-U Gasketed Fittings

Material: Unplasticized Poly (Vinyl Chloride)
Size: full 63mm through 400mm availability
Standard: ISO 1452-3, BS 6920, GB/T 10002.2
Color: white, blue or other colors are available upon request
Joint: joining the gasketed pipe and gasketed fittings by gasketed joint
Lesso PVC-U Solvent Weld Fittings

PVC-U Solvent Weld Fittings

Material: Unplasticized Poly (Vinyl Chloride)
Size: full 20mm through 250mm availability
Standard: ISO 1452-3, BS 6920, GB/T 10002.2
Color: white, blue or other colors are available upon request
Joint: joining the plain end pipe and solvent weld fittings by solvent weld joint
Lesso PVC-U Schedule 40 Fittings

PVC-U Schedule 40 Fittings

Material: PVC 12454
Size: 1/2" - 6"
Standard: ASTM D2466, ASTM D1784, NSF/ANSI14, NSF/ANSI16, CSA B 137.3, ASTM F1970
Color: White
Certification: cNSFus, cUPC
Lesso PP-R Water Pipe and Fittings

PP-R Water Pipe and Fittings

◎ Material: Random Polypropylene
◎ Size: full 16mm through 160mm availability
◎ Pressure Rating: 2.5MPa, or other nominal pressures available upon request
Lesso Bicolor PP-R Water Pipe

Bicolor PP-R Water Pipe

Bi-color PP-R water pipe is produced based on GB/T18742.1, GB/T18742.2, GB/T18742.3, GB/T17219 and Ministry of Health. And the quality control according to ISO9001.
The inside layer of bi-color PP-R water pipe is opaque, thus it can reduce the breeding of bacteria and cannot effect the water quality. The color of outside layer can be custom-made.
Lesso PPR-Aluminum Composite Pipe

PPR-Aluminum Composite Pipe

● Material: PP-R and Al
● Size: full 20mm through 110mm availability
● Pressure Rating: 1.6MPa, 2.0MPa, 2.5MPa
Lesso Aluminum-plastic Composite Pipe

Aluminum-plastic Composite Pipe

Material: Polyethylene and Aluminum
Size: 1014 to 2632
Color: white,orange and yellow
Standard: ASTM F1281、ASTM F 1282、BS 6920
Form Supplied: coil form
Applications: cold water supply, hot water supply and gas supply
Welding Mode: over-lap welding
Lesso Steel-plastic Composite Pipe

Steel-plastic Composite Pipe

Excellent Corrosion Resistance ;Excellent Mechanical Strength ;Good Sanitary Property;Small Fluid Resistance

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Four Core Qualities
Lesso Efficient Logistics System

Efficient Logistics System

Lesso Comprehensive Service System

Comprehensive Service System

Our objective is to provide the best quality services for customers' satisfaction. Our services run through the whole process from pre-sale project planning,training and installation guidance to after-sale product support and quality maintenance.
Lesso Independent R&D

Independent R&D

Technology innovation is the vitality of an enterprise. China LESSO Group embraces a R&D institute with over 1000 scientific researchers, a post-doctoral research center and laboratories accredited by CNAS. There are over 1800 patents applied and pending.
Lesso Distribution of  Production Bases

Distribution of Production Bases

Headquartered in Shunde, Guangdong, China Lesso Group owns over 26 major production bases in 16 provinces in China, as well as Canada and America. China Lesso's production bases and sales network cover the whole country and radiate the globe, which can efficiently provides customers with products and service in time.

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