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Lesso LESSO Agricultural Pipe

LESSO Agricultural Pipe

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Lesso Agricultural Pipe

Agricultural Pipe

LESSO offers the best PVC pipes and fittings used in irrigation and agriculture. You can choose from the different pipe types, which include polyester fiber reinforced PVC hose, transparent PVC hose, steel wire reinforced hose, PVC suction hose. In addition to meeting the required specifications, our pipes go through extensive testing to ensure they can maintain their quality and performance.

Lesso Polyester Fiber Reinforced PVC Hose

Polyester Fiber Reinforced PVC Hose

This product is formed of three layers: PVC inner and outer layers, middle mesh reinforced layer made of double-wound polyester.
Lesso Transparent Reinforced Hose

Transparent Reinforced Hose

Products are used for water supply and discharge, and also used to transport other fluids and gases in the field of industry, agriculture and construction, etc.
Lesso Garden Hose

Garden Hose

Products are used for garden irrigation.The product is formed of three layers: inner soft PVC layer, outer layer made of high-transparency UV-resistant modified PVC and middle reinforced layer made of evenly-wound high-strength polyester. Colors is orange, green or blue, others are available upon request. Products have passed the tests of FDA and RoHS by SGS
Lesso Specialized Air Hose

Specialized Air Hose

Products are suitable to transport compressed air for various pneumatic devices, compressor, generator parts, and mechanical maintenance, meanwhile, it is an ideal conveyance hose for agriculture chemical spray and civil engineering.Adopting unique formula of polyester reinforced PVC brings high flexibility and other advantages like: abrasion-resistance, corrosion-resistance,low temperature-resistance and bend-resistance to the product. The middle reinforced layer is made of high-grade high-strength polyester fiber, thus giving the product extra high working pressure. Color is yellow or blue, others are available upon request.
Lesso Black Air Hose

Black Air Hose

Products can be used for conveying high-pressure air in civil engineering and mines.Special formula and processing design bring excellent flexibility, abrasion-resistance and pressure-resistance to the product.
Lesso Shower Hose

Shower Hose

Feature:Light weight,flexible,attracting color,easy to handle.
Application:Products are used as supporting hose of shower and sanitary ware.
Lesso Fire Hose

Fire Hose

Products are used for winding hose in fire equipment.Special high-grade polyester reinforced formula makes the products have shining color and excellent flexibility and low temperature resistance like rubber, as well as excellent combustion-prevention. The color of products is red or black.
Lesso PVC Water Discharge Hose

PVC Water Discharge Hose

Products are used for agricultural irrigation and construction water-discharge.Good flexibility, excellent weather-resistance, high service pressure, easy to handle.
Lesso Transparent PVC Hose

Transparent PVC Hose

◎ Single layer structure, light-weight, flexible, elastic, high transparency.
◎ Products have passed the tests of FDA and RoHS by SGS.
Applications: Products are suitable for low-pressure liquid supply and discharge.
Lesso Steel Wire Reinforced Hose

Steel Wire Reinforced Hose

◎ Formed of transparent soft PVC outer layer and inserted spiral steel wire, non-poisonous modified materials with high transparency,and excellent abrasion-resistance,corrosion- resistance over traditional products. Unique spiral steel wire structure gives the products excellent bending-strength and negative pressure resistance.
◎ Products have passed the tests of FDA and RoHS by SGS.
Lesso PVC Suction Hose

PVC Suction Hose

Products are mainly used for agricultural irrigation and as suction hose fitted with suction devices in factories.Smooth inner wall and spiral corrugated outer wall ensure the negative pressure resistance of the product, meanwhile, save materials thus achieving the goal of inexpensive but good and well being received by the customers. The product' s color is generally white transparent or green transparent, other colors are available upon request.

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Advantages of LESSO Agricultural Pipes
Lesso Distribution of  Production Bases

Distribution of Production Bases

Headquartered in Shunde, Guangdong, China Lesso Group owns over 26 major production bases in 16 provinces in China, as well as Canada and America. China Lesso's production bases and sales network cover the whole country and radiate the globe, which can efficiently provides customers with products and service in time.
Lesso Independent R&D

Independent R&D

Technology innovation is the vitality of an enterprise. China LESSO Group embraces a R&D institute with over 1000 scientific researchers, a post-doctoral research center and laboratories accredited by CNAS. There are over 1800 patents applied and pending.
Lesso Comprehensive Service System

Comprehensive Service System

Our objective is to provide the best quality services for customers' satisfaction. Our services run through the whole process from pre-sale project planning,training and installation guidance to after-sale product support and quality maintenance.
Lesso Efficient Logistics System

Efficient Logistics System

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