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Lesso Sealant


LESSO neutral silicone weather-resistant sealant is a kind of single-component sealant that is excellent in durability, weather resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and has good bonding to most materials like glass, metal, and marble.

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Six Product Advantages
Lesso Green and Environmentally friendly

Green and Environmentally friendly

A green and environmentally friendly product compliant with standards GB/T 14683-2003 and REACH RoHS.
Lesso Easy Storage

Easy Storage

It shall be kept in a cool dry environment under 0℃~27℃. Avoid direct sunlight. Quality is guaranteed for 12 months from date of production.
Lesso Easy construction

Easy construction

The glue is of good thixotropy and extrudability. Just squeeze it out in construction.
Lesso Single component, fast curing,non-corrosive

Single component, fast curing,non-corrosive

Lesso Neutral curing, with a wide range of adhesion

Neutral curing, with a wide range of adhesion

able to form good bond with most construction materials after curing.
Lesso Excellent resistance to high and low temperature

Excellent resistance to high and low temperature

Able to keep good performance under -20 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ after curing.Good compatibility with other silicone adhesive.

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Lesso User Manual

User Manual

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Lesso Installation Guide

Installation Guide

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