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Lesso Sanitary Ware

Sanitary Ware

LESSO Sanitary Ware is the key project of China Lesso Group Holdings Ltd. (Stock Code: 2128.HK) . The sanitary wares include ceramic items (basins, bathtubs, toilets, squattting pans), faucets, showers, shower rooms,bathroom vanities, bathroom accessories and so on. With well-equipped manufactured lines, LESSO will provide one-stop bathroom products and service.

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6 Smart Designs 5 Features
Lesso Dry burning-resistant

Dry burning-resistant

When temperature of the heating tube in the flame retardant≥72℃, the special control intelligent modules automatically stop heating, to prevent accidents caused by tank dry burning.
Lesso Uninstall protection, eliminate safety hazards

Uninstall protection, eliminate safety hazards

Unique automatic drain function design, when the retaining tank pressure is too large, through pressure switch, release the pressure inside the tank, effectively prevent accidents caused by tank rupture because of excessive pressure.
Lesso OC protection, safety protection

OC protection, safety protection

When the unit has abnormal electric leakage or short circuit fault, this protector will cut off the power, effectively prevent accidents occurring.
Lesso Independent switch, eliminate the unit failures

Independent switch, eliminate the unit failures

Adopting professional independent power supply which has the U.S.UL certification and German TUV certification. Provide safe and stable pressure to the whole unit, with top international standard.
Lesso Automatic temperature control, comfortable

Automatic temperature control, comfortable

Independent smart sensor module design, automatically senses and adjusts the drying and water temperature according to the set temperature. Effectively prevent the water temperature drop, more comfortable to use.
Lesso Automatic Detection

Automatic Detection

Introduction of the automobile fractional system module design concept, unique microcomputer self-test function, automatic test equipment work. Motherboard with Toshiba appliance smart CPU chip and imported spare parts, high intelligence,stability, security, and sensitivity.
Lesso Self-cleaning nozzle, healthy skincare

Self-cleaning nozzle, healthy skincare

Automatic cleaning before and after each spray, healthily skin care.
Lesso Automatic deodorant, clean and healthy

Automatic deodorant, clean and healthy

Automatic deodorant when toileting, remove smell.
Lesso Warm air drying, healthy and comfortable

Warm air drying, healthy and comfortable

Soft warm air dring function, washed skin feel comfortable and refreshing.
Lesso Antibacterial material, health care

Antibacterial material, health care

Seat cover toilet contains antibacterial material.
Lesso Hip cleaning, refreshing and healthy

Hip cleaning, refreshing and healthy

Clean warm water wash hip thoroughly, avoid bacteria,comfort and health, enjoy a refreshing feeling.

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