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LESSO's 35 Anniversary Pass on Good Wishes, Light Up the Beautiful Life.

Release time:2021-08-09 clicks: 168

From 1986 to 2021,

LESSO has come to the 35th year regardless of ups and downs.

You have witnessed our growth.

You have shared our glories.

With your warm companion,

LESSO will soon celebrate the 35th anniversary.


35 cycles of the seasons.

12775 days and nights.

Words cannot convey our grateful heart,

nor expressed our pleasure.

As we mark this anniversary,

China Lesso sincerely invites you to join us,

to light up the beautiful life.

Wherever you’re from,

whenever you met with Lesso,

whoever you are,

employees, our partners or our customers.

Please share your memories with Lesso here.

Please write down your opinions, expectations and wishes...


Together with us,

witness every step of LESSO,

look forward to the future of LESSO.

Pass on good wishes.

Light up the beautiful life.