Best Water Purifier For Home Using?

Best Lesso water purifier

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What is the most crucial element for survival? You may first think about water. Indeed, water is vital for all creatures to survive and conduct daily routes. It contains beneficial minerals necessary for the optimal functioning of the human body. It is necessary to get a water purifier for your health.

What is water purifier? Why do you need it?

A water purifier can help you clean the water while retaining vital minerals. It filters pollutants from water such as sediment, taste and odor, hardness, and bacteria, bringing cleaner water. In the past, people boiled the water to remove suspended pollutes, dirt and eliminate bacteria.

Today, people use tap water, which is already disinfected before running from the tap. However, the problem is in the rusted pipes and timeworn plumbing. You cannot ensure whether the building and city you live in have clear functioning water systems.

The water may have been processed previously, but the quality is compromised when it flows across the dirty pipes and plumbs. The best way to ensure a clean water supply is to filter it yourself. 

How to choose the best water filter?

To find the right water filter, you need to take a lot of factors into consideration. For example, where will you install the water filter? What filtration methods are applied by the water filter? Will it be easy to maintain? What’s your budget?

Here we prepare a list of the 5 best water purifier choices for your family based on the usage scenario. So you can make the right choice easier and quicker.

5 best water purifier options for your family.

1. Kitchen Water Purifier

Kitchen is one of the places you have to use an ample amount of water. You should give priority to kitchen water purification. That’s why it is a wise decision to purchase a kitchen water purifier.

Kitchen Water Purifier LS315AR is an excellent choice with a four-stage filtration. The combination of PP Fiber, activated carbon, 70 gallons RO membrane filter and post carbon filter makes it exceptional in water purification. Besides, its design is an expression of aesthetics, which can serve as a decoration for your kitchen.

2. UF Water Purifier

In the field of water purifiers, UF refers to ultra-filtration. UF technology operates without using electricity. Through a hollow membrane, it removes suspended solids, bigger particles, and molecules from water.

UF water purifiers can eliminate and remove bacteria and microorganisms. This purifier is suitable for homes where the drinking water has moderate dissolved pollutants and a high level of microbiological contamination. If you find a factory or bio-medicine company near your house, it is recommended to purchase a UF water purifier.

Lesso UF water purifier LS319U applies a five-step filter process. It provides powerful protection against water impurities with the combination of PP fiber, Nano ceramic cartridge, softening resin filter, ultra-filtration membrane filter and post carbon filter. It can definitely meet your water purification needs.

Lesso UF water purifier

3. Counter Top Water Purifier

Counter top filters take up no room under your sink and can either be connected to your faucet or stand alone, gravity-fed filters. The benefit of having a filter connected to your waterline is that you don’t have to regularly replenish a filter container.

A gravity-fed filter is a wise investment because it can purify water in an emergency, even if the water supply is disrupted or the electricity goes out. Municipal water sources cannot maintain water pressure during a power loss, and well pumps will stop working without a backup energy source. Countertop filter maintenance is also simple and usually does not require any special gear.

Lesso Counter Top Water Purifier LS307T has a three-stage of water purification, which includes an activated carbon composite filter, Nanocrystalline ceramic filter and activated carbon. Just install it and enjoy every pure drop of water.

Lesso Counter Top Water Purifier

4. Pipeline Water Dispenser

The pipeline water dispenser is great for usage in the office and home. Usually, to ensure water quality, it provides numerous steps of water filtration and uses a combination of technologies such as reverse osmosis, UF filtration, UV purification, and so on. Besides, it supports water heating, which is really practical in daily usage.

Lesso Pipeline Water Dispenser LS450G-D/LS450G-N are ideal choices if you are looking for a strong pipeline water dispenser that does well in water purification. LS450G-D has a fast heating system that can quickly boil your water. LS450G-N is a heating tank type. They are developed on energy-saving technology and are also eco-friendly. You can choose according to your needs, and you will have no need to worry about the water quality you drink.

5. Water Softener

As mentioned above, the old plumbing system is a huge issue. Because there may be buildup minerals inside of pipes, resulting in hard water. If you live in a place where the plumbing system is old, you have to pay attention to the water quality. It is likely that you are using hard water.

An effective solution to hard water is using a water softener. It disinfects water for consumption and domestic duties, relieves strain on the pipes and plumbing system, and reduces scale buildup.

Lesso water softener LS335-2T filters out Ca+ and Mg+ by lon exchange resin and reduce the hardness of water. It is a reliable and effective home partner that helps you achieve better water quality.


Drinking eight glasses of water a day may help you keep the doctor away. But water from the tap may contain heavy metals, dirt and other pollutes. Water filters make the easy and crucial act of staying hydrated safer.

It is recommended to purchase water purifiers according to your need. Although purify water filter isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, it may eliminate harmful toxins and help you enjoy pure water. Choose Lesso and find your best water filter!