Water Softener LS335-2T

Product Overview:

Outow Rate:1.0 t/h
Working Pressure:0.1-0.4MPa
Working Temperature:5-48℃
Filter Process:Softening Resin
Purication Function:Non-directly Drinking
Note: Water Softener Filter Out Ca+ and Mg+ By Ion Exchange Resin,Can Reduce Water Hardness.


Compared With Tap Water, Softened Water Has Obvious Better Taste And Feeling Which Can Prevent Gallstone Disease Effectively And Relieve The Burden Of Heart And Kidney.
Using Soft Water For Bathing, Hair Washing, Face Washing, Can Make Skin Smooth And Delicate,especially Have Protect Function For Infants And Children Skin.Clothes Washed By Soft Water Is Fluffy
And Soft.
Lengthen Service Life Of Many Equipment Such As Water Heater And Floor Heating.
Avoid The Stain, Scales, Dirt On The Sanitary Ware, Bathtub And Shower.