LESSO Safeguards Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games

lesso beijing winter olympic game

Since its kickoff in early February, the much-anticipated Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games has presented a host of splendid and remarkable events to the world with increasing popularity. In this grand winter sports competition, athletes from across the world have gathered together to deliver their best performances in the snow and ice field, and “breakthrough” has become the most eye-catching key word with which to describe the Chinese athletic delegation.

Ren Ziwei clinched the first gold medal for the Chinese team in the men’s 1,000 m short-track speed skating; Gao Tingyu won the first gold medal for the host nation in the men’s 500 m speed skating while setting a new Olympic record; Su Yiming, the silver medalist in the men’s snowboard slopestyle, became the first Chinese man to reach the Olympic podium in this event by securing the gold medal in men’s snowboard big air… Their unceasing efforts and undoubted strengths embody the Olympic spirits of “faster, higher, stronger” and solidarity.

Besides being a stage on which Olympic athletes can challenge themselves, the Winter Olympic Games is also a testament to breakthroughs in the export of Chinese culture and application of intelligence technology, and a showcase for “Made in China”. The construction of the “National Sliding Center” (dubbed the “Flying Snow Dragon”) fills China’s gap in the design of skeleton and bobsleigh tracks, making it the first domestic track and the seventeenth and third Olympic-standard track in the world and Asia respectively.

national sliding center
National Sliding Center (Sources:China daily)

The National Sliding Center is “as smooth as a ribbon, as flat as a mirror and as white as milk”. Ivo Ferriani, International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board member and President of the International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation, said, “The National Sliding Center is the unparalleled best track in the history of bobsleigh and skeleton venues”. Beneath this flawless track lies an underground pipeline network for rain and sewage collection and delivery, serving as the “lifeline” that guarantees the normal operation of the Flying Snow Dragon.

All the tracks of the center are arranged outdoors, posing demanding cold resistance requirements for all of the venue’s facilities. Considering the freezing temperatures and rainy, snowy and windy days of winter, the anti-freezing and heat preservation of pipes on extremely cold days is a tricky problem which added more construction restrictions. Drainage and sewage pipelines are also prone to the accumulation of oil stains and sundries, which can lead to blockages under low temperature conditions.

The LESSO HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe applied at the National Sliding Center is made of HDPE material that boasts unrivalled low temperature resistance and remains unbroken even in an environment of -20°C. The maximum temperature of the conveying medium is 60°C. During winter construction, the pipes will not break due to their high impact resistance.

 In addition, the easy connection between pipelines ensured the rapid construction progress of the Winter Olympic Stadium. Facing the complicated slope and terrain of the Flying Snow Dragon, this type of pipe was designed with a special hollow ring structure that gives it outstanding strength and resistance, adapting it perfectly to the height difference of the track and minimizing losses caused by track damage.

HDPE Double-Wall Corrugated Pipe

Whether in stadium operation or maintenance, the LESSO HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe collects and drains rain quickly, then conveys it to a specified position. This prevents rain and sewage from accumulating in the stadium, and eliminates water shortages through efficient rain collection and utilization, thereby saving resources and protecting the environment.

The successful performance of the LESSO HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe and plastic inspection well in the National Sliding Center not only demonstrates their high quality, but also safeguards the normal operation of the events and energizes the Beijing Winter Olympics.

In the Olympic field where athletes create miracles one after another, LESSO is always a force that shores up grand and splendid events, and presents the true “Made in China” to the world. LESSO will continue to be a mighty guardian behind the national projects that demonstrate a powerful China.

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