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China Lesso and China National Table Tennis Team’s Pursuit of Champion

China Lesso and China National Table Tennis Team’s Pursuit of Champion

On the evening of July 23, 2021, the Tokyo Olympic Games officially kicked off, among which the table tennis attracted the attention of most Chinese people. As a national sport, table tennis arose in a special historical period, is endowed with profound era meaning.

From 1952 to 2021, the China National Table Tennis Team showed the world miracles time after time and marched forward with fruitful results, representing national pride, national confidence and cultural heritage of Chinese people. It shows significant meaning and great value of national spirit, progressive spirit and innovation spirit.

Among them, the support from the masses and patriotic enterprises has become the driving force for the national table tennis team to go forward bravely and forge ahead. Since joining hands with the national table tennis team in 2015, China LESSO is committed to promoting the development of national sports, actively participates in national fitness program, blending innovative and progressive spirit of table tennis into the brand development.

With strengthening innovation, China Lesso boosts up and accelerates the brand upgrade, bringing dwellers “one-stop” and high quality products and services. At the Tokyo Olympic Games, as the sponsor of the China National Table Tennis Team, China Lesso is witnessing the champion glories of the Chinese table tennis athletes together with the Chinese people.

Upgrade Of Made In China: To Be A Pursuer With Spirit Of Champion

The spirit of China’s Table Tennis Team advances with The times. Since Rong Guotuan won new China’s first gold medal at the 26th World Table Tennis Championships, China National Table Tennis Team constantly created success and honor, becoming a well-deserved champion team, writing in the history of sports unbeaten myth. 

Its motto, “How many decisive battles one can encounter in his whole life”, has influenced all sectors of Chinese society and has become a driving force for the rapid development of new China.

Tracing the brand development history, China Lesso also explains the champion power of Made in China with excellent performance. With the continuous improvement of China’s comprehensive national strength, China Lesso is a witness as well as a dream chaser. 

All through the journey, China Lesso follows closely the developing direction of national manufacturing power, keeping pace with the times, combining brands with national strategy, vying for a new era of endeavour. In terms of infrastructure and urban renewal projects, Lesso has created countless miracles, from Xiong’an New Area to urban infrastructure projects, from Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macao Bridge to Changgan High Speed Railway, from Beijing Daxing International Airport to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Venues. They all reflect the tremendous energy released by Lesso, which values skills and respects innovation, and the confidence of the national great brand.

As a key component of the national economy, manufacturing industry is the foundation of building the country, the instrument of rejuvenating the country and the base of strengthening the country. Behind this, it is the growing of the great brands. China Lesso, as one of the representatives of great brands, has achieved a revolutionary leap in manufacturing industry by virtue of its high-quality products and strong brand strength. 

China Lesso actively develops building materials and home furnishings, environmental protection, channels and services, creating the “pipeline + whole industry chain” model. Lesso’s products have covered municipal engineering, civil building projects, home decoration, agriculture and other fields, speeding up the ecological layout of pipeline industry chain, and becoming the leader of the times. 

Since stock debut in 2010, with the strength accumulated over the years, China Lesso has realized its revenue growing tenfold to 28.073 billion yuan with a market share of over 17% in 2020, and it has been listed in the Top 500 Chinese brands by value for 7 consecutive years, truly establishing its own strong moat.

Acceleration Of Intelligently Made In China: Intelligent Manufacturing Developing At High Speed With High Quality

China’s manufacturing industry is the core support force for the high-quality development of China’s economy, and its intelligent manufacturing is the only way to high-speed and high-quality development. China Lesso stands out, dares to be the first, strives to be the pioneer in the industry, accelerates into the fast lane of intelligent manufacturing, and realizes the strides from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”.

Driven by 5G and Web of Things technology, intelligent manufacturing has become the general direction of global manufacturing development. In 2015, The State Council officially promulgated “Made in China 2025”, which designs the top-level planning and map for China’s manufacturing industry for the next 10 years. The main line is the digital  networked and intelligent manufacturing with deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology. 

To this, China Lesso has built a new engine of intelligent development in automatic production chain, with 5g applications, to create a 24-hour non-stop operation of the intelligent unmanned production workshop. Without human intervention, under the control of intelligent system, the production line realizes the automatic batching, feeding, injection molding, automatic degating in the mould , then the products and the nozzles removed by the manipulator and classified. 

The product qualified rate of automatic production line is as high as 99.8%. In May this year, China Lesso’s long-conceived digital smart factory was officially launched. At present, China Lesso has built smart factories in 23 production bases across the country, leading the pipeline manufacturing industry.

With the “Urban Renewal” written into the government work report of the National Two Sessions for the first time in March this year, urban renewal has become an important stage and a normal market situation in the process of urban development. In terms of intelligent upgrade of pipelines, China Lesso has increased input to intelligent pipelines, to realize digital networking management by applying chip technology, thus empowering urban public management to deepen ecological chain layout. 

China Lesso is accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing, promoting the deep integration of new generation of information technology and manufacturing, leading the transformation of manufacturing methods, and setting a benchmark for digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading.

Intelligent Manufacturing Developing At High Speed With High Quality

Enhancement Of Intelligently Made In China: Innovation And R&D Are Indispensable

As a national sport, the good momentum of table tennis has also benefited from spirit of innovation. In order to adapt to the development of the times, the Chinese Table Tennis Association (CTTA) launched new events such as China table tennis Super League, to promote table tennis teams’ enthusiasm nationwide, and to elect young players into the national team as new energy. 

At the same time, the CTTA has continuously intensified its reform efforts, carried out innovative practices in national fitness and other aspects, and incorporated table tennis into public life by holding the Member league of the CTTA, so as to realize the enduring spirit of table tennis.

As for the manufacturing industry, the technological innovation ability of enterprises becomes an important topic for sustainable development when national brands are flourishing. The growing of comprehensive national strength is always accompanied by the rapid development of manufacturing industry. Innovative technologies and products can make China’s manufacturing move to a broader world stage. 

If we stick to the old ways and do not keep pace with the times or adapt to the changing times, our traditions will become a burden. Only innovation can keep up with the speed of China’s development. In line with the national strategy, China Lesso is constantly committed to technology innovation. With the brand concept of “Creating a relaxing life”, China Lesso constantly makes efforts in innovation and scientific research, so as to achieve the goal of  “I have them when others don’t. I have better ones when others have them. When others have good ones I have excellence”.

The professional R&D team of Lesso keeps launching innovative projects, and one of them is the research and development and industrialization of high performance thick wall high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and fittings. The key technical problem of the industry has been solved through the selection of stronger and more corrosion-resistant resin materials. 

The processed large-diameter pipeline has a thicker wall and higher pressure resistance, which can not only meet the basic needs of urban construction, but also applies to large-scale national strategic projects. For example, HDPE Double-Wall Corrugated Pipe and Fittings have been extensively used in the construction of venues for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the Changgan high-speed railway, the pipe corridors in Xiong’an New Area and the governance of Boluosha River Basin.

Enhancement Of Intelligently Made In China: Innovation And R&D Are Indispensable

Besides, lead-free pipeline is another embodiment of Lesso’s innovation strength and quality control. China Lesso invests a large amount of money and scientific research strength to overcome technical difficulties, and took the lead in 2017 to realize whole series of PVC pipes and fittings lead-free, including products for water supply and drainage, municipal construction, electricity, communications, agriculture and planting. This comprehensively promotes green manufacturing system and ecological civilization in pipeline industry, drives the development trend of environmental protection in the industry, which will benefit the future generations.

Also in 2017, China Lesso started the research of manufacturing and industrializing RTP glass fiber pipe and has developed RTP pipe for water supply and high pressure RTP pipe. According to the latest standards, the high pressure RTP pipe can be applied to oil and gas gathering and transportation, high pressure alcohol injection, oil field water flooding, sewage treatment and other systems. The innovative development and production of RTP glass fiber pipe enriches the product range of existing plastic pipes and creates new track.

This is not only innovation and quality production, but also the fulfillment of China Lesso’s commitment to the title of Chinese Brand, and moreover a strong testimony of China’s manufacturing brand standing in the forest of world brands. China Lesso strives for perfection in every detail, and every innovation represents a disruption, which is a significant complement to the group’s leading position in the domestic pipeline industry.

In the competition of table tennis, the precise control of the landing point of the ball can make the opponent difficult to counter-attack. China Lesso sticks to the original aspiration, inherits the culture of “Made in China”, takes the responsibility and spirit of a great brand as the landing point, and makes long-term development as the enterprise development logic. Behind the words China Lesso, upgrade of Products From China to the Chinese Brand, is also the upgrade from the industry leader to the national brands flagship. This is the spirit of innovation and the spirit of pioneering of China Lesso for the past 35 years, but also the ideal of an enterprise to promote society development as well as the responsibility and mission of a national brand.

Under the changes of a century, China has created the miracle of China that attracts worldwide attention. From the champion spirit of China’s national sport to the catch-up of national brands, it shows the great power of China. In the Olympic Games, the ping-pong diplomacy of “a small ball spins a big ball” was created and accelerated the pace of China’s table tennis to the world. 

Many coaches of foreign players, especially Japanese players, are “Made in China”. The famous table tennis players  Shan Xiaona, Han Ying and Ni Xialian of overseas table tennis teams are also Chinese players. China is worthy of the title of the Greatest Nation in Table tennis, constantly showing the mind of a great nation in table tennis and the strength of table tennis culture, and promoting the spirit of table tennis to the world. In a new era, China also needs big brands having a mission and spirit of table tennis in heart. 

China Lesso is committed to making products and services of “Made in China” going global and accessible to more users around the world, showing the world the rapid development of China’s manufacturing, realizing “brands of a great nation, shared by the world”.

China Lesso, as the sponsor of China’s National Table Tennis Team, cheers for the overwhelming power of China. From August 1st to August 6th, the table tennis Round of 16, Semi-Final and Final for Men’s Team and Women’s Team will kick off. China Lesso, together with millions of Chinese people, is looking forward to the Gold moment of table tennis athletes!

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