Are PVC Gutters Good?

Are PVC Gutters Good

Gutters are an essential part of your house as they protect your foundation, landscaping, and prevent your basement from flooding. Using PVC gutters and downspouts will ensure that you have an excellent roof drainage system.

What Is A Roof Drainage System?

A roof drainage system refers to a network of gutters and downspouts installed on the roof to divert rainwater. Drains are placed on the edges of the roof to collect rainwater. Adding a grate ensures that you keep debris from getting into the gutter and blocking it. Remember that if the gutter is blocked, the water will overflow and sit on your roof and damage it.

It is crucial to ensure that your roof drainage system works properly, so clean it regularly. Make sure that you check that all the parts are working correctly too. In case you notice signs of corrosion, make sure that you repaint or replace that part of the gutter. In addition, make sure that you have PVC pipe gutters installed by an expert to ensure they work properly. If you do it yourself or ask an amateur, your roof drainage system might leak.

Uses of a Roof Drainage System

As noted above, an excellent roof drainage system ensures that water does not seep into your roof. It ensures that water does seep into your foundation and flood your basement. Bear in mind that water seeping into your foundation compromises the integrity of your foundation. That moisture can also affect other parts of the house by using the building materials. Mold thrives in such conditions, and that can make you very sick.

High-quality gutters also ensure that mosquitoes do not breed around your home. If there is standing water around your house or in roof drains that are not working correctly, mosquitoes will breed and make it impossible to sleep at night. Mosquitoes also carry diseases, and you could get sick from the bites, which are itchy and leave unsightly marks on your skin.

Having a high-quality roof drainage system protects your siding from damage by rainwater. A system that does not work correctly may overflow and damage the siding.

Your roof drainage system prevents settling and cracking on your pavement. When the ground is wet, the pavement may stay to settle further and crack. Remember that waterlogging around your house also encourages settling, which may cause cracks in your walls.

PVC pipe gutters enhance your home’s curb appeal and assure prospective buyers that the foundation is in good condition.

Metal Guttering VS Plastic (PVC) Guttering

Metal guttering has been available for a very long while PVC guttering is relatively new. Some manufacturers use metal to make metal gutters. Aluminum gutters are easier to install than steel ones. They are durable, do not crack, require little maintenance, and come in several colors. They are, however, prone to expansion issues. When coated with zinc, they will serve you for a very long time. That noted, the zinc-coating can easily chip off over time, leading to corrosion.

On the other hand, manufacturers use molded plastic to make PVC gutters and downspouts in one continuous line. They are durable, lightweight, and have good mechanical strength. It is strength and toughness that makes PVC a choice material for gutters and downspouts. LESSO PVC products are also readily available worldwide from PVC guttering suppliers. Here are some of the reasons you should use PVC in your gutters.

Metal Guttering VS Plastic Guttering

They are Easy to Install

One of the things that make metal gutters hard to install is their weight. PVC gutters are light, and can be quickly lifted and clipped to their brackets. Your contractor can finish installing PVC gutters and downspouts in your home within one day.


PVC gutters are much cheaper than metal gutters and last longer. You can buy them from your local PVC guttering suppliers. They are low maintenance, so you will not have to pay huge sums of money to keep them well maintained. Metal gutters require regular maintenance to ensure that they do not rust or leak and adding to their cost.

More Eco-friendly

Since PVC is very durable, it means less energy is used to manufacture large amounts. PVC is non-toxic and is 100% recyclable. It is not combustible, and when exposed to high temperatures does not produce harmful gases.

Ductility and flexibility

PVC is more flexible than metal under pressure since PVC is manufactured with plasticizes, which confer rubbery properties on the end product. By adjusting the type and amount of plasticizes, plastic molders can achieve a large range of flexible compositions.

Why PVC is a Superior Material that is Ideal for Gutters

PVC is a Superior Material for Gutters

PVC is ideal for gutters because it offers value for money and excellent return on investment as it is a very long-lasting material. There are no pieces joined together, the smooth line helps improve curb appeal. Since it is flexible, you can use it on different types of roofs. Bear in mind that unlike metal, PVC does not rust, and you will not have to deal with unsightly rust patches. You can purchase high-quality LESSO PVC gutters from your local PVC gutter suppliers.

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