What are the Different Types of PVC Fittings?

Different Types of PVC Fittings

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Pipe fittings connect the pipes together and allow you to customize your plumbing to suit your needs. There are lots of different kind of PVC fittings with multiple different purposes, such as the drainage of rainwater. If you are trying to expand your PVC knowledge, just read on! 

What is PVC Pipe Fittings?

PVC pipe fittings come in different forms. Before discussing them in detail, you need to understand what fittings are. A fitting is a detachable piece of pipe that connects two pipes or tubing. Fittings apply to mechanical and plumbing operations.

PVC fittings are also known as connectors. Fittings can be made from different materials and do vary according to the manufacturer.v

What is PVC Pipe Fittings

Different Types of PVC Pipe Fittings

Different types of PVC fittings have unique applications and uses. When shopping for a fitting, keep in mind that each fitting has a various amount of iteration and applications. PVC fittings can be put into two broad categories:

  • Plumbing grade connectors- are used in plumbing drainage systems and sewer systems.
  • Furniture grade connectors

Below are some of the common types of PVC fittings available.


PVC tees fittings come with three ends; one at a perpendicular angle and two in a straight line. With a tee, you can either split a line into two with a 90-degree connection or connect two lines. They are in a standard design, implying that all outlets and inlets are of the same diameter. Tees are commonly used in PVC structures and plumbing projects.


Crosses are just like tees but are used to make a connection. With crosses, however, it’s a four slip connection. The pipes meet at a 90-degree angle forming a cross or plus shape. This means one input and three outputs or the reverse is also viable. Crosses are often used to divide fluid flow in four directions. They are common when creating a PVC pipe framework.


Just as the name suggests, elbow fittings commonly feature either a 45-or 90-degree bend. They are used to divert the direction of a pipe system. When you have a piping project and you need to turn or get around something, a PVC elbow will help you make a bend.

Side elbows however come with not two ends but three and are perfectly used as corners in a project. The market offers both elbows with slip pocket ends and threaded versions.

Coupling and Unions

PVC Coupling fittings are relatively cheap and simple. It is said to couple as it connects one pipe to another or a pipe to a fitting. In many cases, the connection is often permanent. Some coupling gives you an option of connecting a small pipe to a large pipe and the other way around. Couplings are either have slip or female thread ends.

Unions are similar to couplings but are designed in a way that they can be removed easily as opposed to coupling that is somehow permanent. Unions have a ring in the center that acts as a separator hence allowing for easy deconstruction and maintenance.

Couplings and unions come in different sizes and designs. They are generally short fittings since their primary function is to connect two pieces.

Caps and Plugs

Caps’ primary function is to stop the flow. Their positioning is therefore at the end of the pipeline. If you have a pipeline that you intend to continue with later, you can use a cap to stop the flow. It also provides ease of access to the piping system when need be. Caps are designed with either a socket or female thread end, this means they go around or outside the pipe.

Plugs do function just like caps, but they stop the flow in a fitting as opposed to caps that stop the flow in a pipe. Plugs for this reason have a spigot or male threaded-end for they go inside a fitting.

Compression Fittings

Compression fittings use pressure to tighten connections and thus preventing leakages. The fitting comprises three pieces: a body, nut, and gasket ring. This type of fittings has its applications in various industries and homes from toilets to faucets.

Adapters and Bushing

Adapters act as reducing couplings. They are applicable a change to the end type of a pipe is needed so that they can connect to fittings and pipes of different sizes.

The bushing on the other hand focuses on connecting pipes of varied diameters by reducing the fitting. Take note that bushing cannot reduce a pipe. Bushings are unique in the sense that they are typically threaded.


They are a disc-like fitting that presses two surfaces together hence creating a tight seal. This type of fitting is used to attach accessories to a pipe. They are commonly applied at the base of a toilet. PVC flanges mostly use bolts to connect the two surfaces and are available with either slip or thread ends. They are also used to strengthen pipes and hence made with schedule 80 PVC.


They are used to connect two female ends. The nipple comes with two male-threaded ends.

Different Sizes of PVC Pipe Connectors

Are There Different Sizes of PVC Pipe Connectors?

PVC pipe connectors come in different sizes. PVC pipes and fittings use a nominal system for standard sizing. What it means is that all parts of the same size are compatible with each other. For example, all 1″ PVC connector will fit on a 1″ pipe regardless of its schedule.

When working with PVC pipes and fittings, nominal size should be your point of focus. Good quality PVC connectors can be used even with non-PVC materials. In such a scenario, you need to focus on the outer diameter of the pipe and determine whether it is compatible with the inner diameter of the connector.


The market today offers many types of PVC fittings just as PVC pipes. Each connector is designed to serve a specific purpose and application carrying its advantages and disadvantages.

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