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Casement Windows/50mm Series 0
Casement Windows/50mm Series 0

Casement Windows/50mm Series

Product Overview

1. Standard style designing, more option can meet customers' all kinds of requirements.
2. This system can be fabricated into outward casement windows, tilt and turn windows, fixed windows and etc.
3. Can choose single and double glass.
4. Can be fabricated into 90°and 135°corner windows, even arc windows.
5. Can choose leaning bead, rectangle glazing bead and arc glazing bead .which is more elegant for window looking.
6. Windows can be connected with doors, to fabricate windows & doors products.
7. Two-points lock is used, it more flexible for opening, and more insulation for noise.

Product Details


Accessories of LESSO Aluminum Windows and Doors


For the choice of hardware, we take priority to cooperate with domestic and international top brand hardware suppliers such as ROTO, SIEGENIA-AUBI ,G-U, KINLONG and others.

Accessories of LESSO Aluminum Windows and Doors

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