Commercial RO Water Purifier LS443R

Product Overview:

Application:Municipal Water
Rated Power:2000W
Filter Process:PP Fiber + Activated Carbon +Compact PP Fiber+400 Gallons RO Membrane+ Post Carbon Filter
Outow Rate:1 L/min
Rated Total Outow:16000L


High Efficiency Heat Exchanger, Save Electricity By 80%.
With Smart Water Control System,Unboiled Water Can't Flow Out To Prevent You From Drinking Raw Water.
Stainless Steel Sink Is Processed By Moulding, More Beautiful, More Stable.
Boiled Water, Warm Water After High Temperature Sterilization.
Patented Design Of Atmospheric Pressure Type Of Water Purifier,More Safety.
Increase The Filtering System,The Operation Is Easier And More Convenient;
Rotary Type Taps.