Fire Emergency Lighting Luminaire

Product Overview:

This product is designed and produced according to GB 17945 一 2010 , and installed in public places . In the circumstances of power failure caused by fire , earthquake and other emergency , this luminaire 15 used to indicate for evacuation and safe operation . The operating luminaire won't affect surrounding environment and energy .


The luminaire shell is punched and plastic coated by high 一 quality steel plate,novel design, Iight weight, easy installation, reliable and Safe usage . Main parts Of this luminaire are light box , light holder , handle , cirCuit board , LED Iight source , battery pack and trifucating power - - line . The battery pack 15 high 一 quality nickel 一 chromium battery , long service time . The special integral circuit of movement core conforms to the new national fire emergency lighting luminaire standard , and the design includeS perfect over 一 charged and over 一 discharged protection . This luminaire can fully and intelligently detect troubles , then glve sound and Ilght alarming signal in order to ensure long term operation of luminaire . Working principle of luminaire : The electric supply charges battery . In the case of power failure . the battery supplies e lectricity to light source , then lights to evacuate persons .