Steel Fire Resistant Shutter(Composite)

Product Overview:

Steel fire-resistant shutter is independently researched and developed by our company. The shutter conforms to the national strandard GB14102-2005 and meets modern architecture requirements. It is one-time suppressed by main and auxiliary curtain plates, smooth, weldless and strong. The middle layer is filled with aluminum silicate fiber mat,which has good fireproof and heat resistant performance, and can largely reduce radiation of unexposed suface and has excellent performace. This shutter can leave out water curtain system and meet separation requirements of class A fire compartment. The vertical-style shutter can be matched smoke and temperature detector to independently work or connect central fire control systems.

Be suitable for the places capable of installing vertical fire shutter, such as shopping malls, convetion center, exchange square, hotel, station and etc.


Strandard: GB 14102-2005
1.Fire-resistant grade: Test according to GB/T9978-1999,the fire-resistant grade is 3h, and the average unexposed surface temperature rise of shutter is 66℃
2.The time of opening and shutting shutter: Depend on the hole length and bend, the time is usually 1-4min.
3.The speed of opening and shutting shutter: The upward speed is 3.9m/min, the downward speed is 4.9m/min, dead-weight descending speed is 9.3m/min.