Heptafluoropropane Fire Suppression System

Product Overview:

Heptafluoropropane is a widely used fire extinguishing agent, which is of the characteristics of high fire -extinguishing ability , non-contamination, non-conductive performance, small storage space , non-toxicity, no residue and so on. We can provide all kinds of heptafluoropropane fire suppression system according to different requirements of customers. The system is easy to install , easy to maintain , reliable and safe usage.


Our heptafluoropropane fire suppression system is a total flooding fire extinguisher system. It is produced according to GB 50370-2005 Gas Fire Extinguisher System Design Specification. It is usually composed of two system types.
1) Single cabinet standalone type: composed of a set of storage device of fire extinguishing agent and a set of pipeline system, it can protect one fire-proof area.
2) Manifolded distribution type: distribute by the network of sets of storage devices of fire extinguishing agent , it can protect multiple fire-proof areas , max to eight fire-proof areas.