PVC Conduit for Home Decoration

Product Overview:

◎ Protect and manage indoor electrical wiring

◎ Excellent non-conductive performance:
The conduit has excellent non-conductive performance, high current breakdown voltage resistance. There's no electrical danger by using Liansu UPVC conduit, because it can resist 25 thousand volt without breakage.
◎ Good compressure resistance:
The conduit can be layed in the concrete with good compressure resistance.
◎ Good fire resistance:
The conduit has good combustion resistance.
◎ Moist resistance, corrosion resistance:
The conduit can resist moist, unaffected by electrical reactions caused by acids, bases, and oils that cause corrosion in metals.
◎ Anti-insect:
The conduit can avoid be bited by insects.
◎ Easy to bend:
Insect one spring into the pipe, then the pipe can be easily bent without heating.
◎ Easy installation:
Use Liansu cement to connect the pipe and all kinds of accessories.