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Plastic Inspection Chamber

Product Overview

Plastic inspection chamber is used to connect drainage or sewage installation and/or to change the direction of drainage or sewerage runs, the termination of which at ground level permits the introduction of cleaning, inspection and test equipment and the removal of debris.
In recent years, all kinds of plastic drainage pipes are widely used on sewerage in municipal engineering and building area. As the advantages of light weight, good leakage resistance and convenient construction, plastic inspection chamber is widely recognized. The plastic inspection chamber can also solve the leakage of whole drainage pipe net, which was caused by deformation coefficient discordance of connections between traditional plastic pipes with brickwork/concrete inspection chamber. The plastic inspection chamber makes assembly construction of municipal and building engineer possible, and realizes the true meaning of construction integration for drainage engineer. This product is mainly used on sewerage in municipal engineering and building area.

Product Details




(1) Be used for designation, construction and maintenance of plastic inspection chamber project, of which the connected pipe outside diameter is not more than 1000mm and burying depth is not more than 8m. The applicable areas include buildings(residential districts, public building and factories areas,etc), urban and rural municipal, industrial parks, city reconstructions. 

(2)  Be used for construction under the soil condition of common, soft, seasonal frozen and collapsible loess. 

(3) Be used in the areas of seismic intensity of not more than 9 degree. 

(4) Be used for the drainage project of high-pollution enterprises, such as chemical and pharmacy. 

(5) For water-scarce areas, the plastic inspection chamber can be used as a water collector to collect and utilize the rainwater source.





Plastic inspection chamber is composed of chamber body, riser, cover frame and chamber cover, etc. The key part is chamber body, which is molded by one time injection. Plastic inspection chamber is a kind of environment-friendly product which can save energy, save water resources and save materials.

· Good resistance to chemiscal and aging, long service time. 

· Safe and environment-friendly: Good tightness and anti-leakage. The gasketed connection type is of good tightness, and can prevent underground water polluted by drainage and sewage leakage. The material of inspection chamber is thermoplastic, non-toxic, odorless, recyclable, environment-friendly, and in accordance with national environment protection policy. 

· Uniform settlement, compression resistance: The gasketed connection between pipes and chamber body, co-movement of clay around pipes and chamber body, well solve the non uniform settlement caused by connection between traditional chamber body and plastic pipes, and can effectively prevent land collapse. 

· Easy installation: The separate assembly structure, cutting and adjustment of riser in position, can adapt different installation depth. This product can effectively reduce construction cost, bring forward progress and shorten project period, whose efficiency is above 10-20 times of traditional inspection chambers. It also allows all-water construction, with which the brickwork and concrete chambers cannot compare.

· Efficient Drainage: 

The inner wall is smooth. The launder in chamber reduces blocking caused by sundry retention. Drainage performance is excellent, which is 1-3 times of traditional inspection chambers. 

· Light weight, easy to transport and install: 

Reliable performance, strong bearing capacity, well-adapted, complete variety. The riser height is adjustable, and the riser body can be holed at any position. All characteristics above make this product meet all requirements of installation project. 

· Low comprehensive construction cost, low maintenance cost: 

This product is superior to traditional inspection chamber. It is recyclable and has enormous social benefit. 

· Saving material: 

Plastic inspection chamber is made of polymer resin instead of red brick and concrete, which can save above-ground soil source. The specifications used in building areas are reduced, which can save the occupied underground space of inspection chamber.

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