Water Dispenser LS320RZ

Product Overview:

Application:Municipal Water
Filter Process:PP Fiber+ Activated Carbon + RO Membrane Filter+ Post Carbon Filter

Adopt U.S. high performance RO membrane, filtering precision achieves 0.0001 ,
Effectively trapping heavy metal ions, bacteria,virus, pesticide residue and other hazardous substances ets.
Easy-Open filter,avoid secondary pollution,easy to replace.
LED Display,working status is clear,filter replacement remind safer drinking water.


1.High Flow Capacity RO Membrane
High Flow Capacity ,Open Drink,
Pure Water,Suitable For Office Use.

2.Smart Display
LED Display Control Panel,Working Status Is Clear.

3.ONE-TOUCH Filter Cartridge
ONE-TOUCH Filter Cartridge, To Avoid
Secondary Pollution, Easy To Replace.

4.Smart Heating & Cooling System
Large Heating And Cooling System,
Supply Drinking Water For Many Persons.