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80mm Sliding Window Series 0
80mm Sliding Window Series 0

80mm Sliding Window Series

Product Overview

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* Three chambers are designed in main profile. The slide track is design into tearing structure with groove, which is convenient to decide whether using Aluminum track. Also, if clients not using the aluminum track, you can use the flat wheel to match with flat groove.
* Independent drainage chamber and deep rainwater groove are suitable to rainy country or area. Also you can take the different glass bead to suitable for different thickness of glass. What is more, the slide system can save more space of living-house, standardized groove can match standard hardware and accessories.
* Comparing to 60 slide system, this system has increased the one more track for fly screen or mosquito.

Product Details


LESSO 80mm Sliding Window Configuration


 Structure of LESSO 80mm Sliding Window Series



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