Bath VS Shower, Which is Better?

Bath VS Shower

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To bath or to shower, that’s a question. Deciding between the two can be a challenging task for many homeowners because they represent two distinct ways of body cleaning and require different apparatus. Follow us and see how they differ and how to choose baths or shower that suits your family and your bathroom.

What is a Shower?

A shower in the bathroom is a plumbing device that enables us to quickly wash ourselves while standing under a continuous flow of water. With the development of an indoor plumbing system, nowadays, a shower is available for most homes.

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A shower generally consists of a shower head, shower pan, shower valve, water supply pipe, shower strainer, shower cartridge, and waste outlet pipe. When we take a shower, the shower head would spray water all over our body so that the water would mix with soap to break down the sweat, oil, and filth on our skin and then flush them away.

Then the water would flow into the waste outlet pipe through the shower strainer. Shower valves are also necessary so that you can adjust water flow and pressure, while shower cartridges make it possible to control water temperature.

What is a Bath?

A bath is different from a shower in that we could lie down in a bathtub, immersing our bodies in stationary water when taking a bath. In modern society, taking a bath is a private activity for relaxing as well as releasing stress and some types of bathtubs are designed for specific purposes. For instance, walk-in bathtubs are developed for people who need special care.

A bathtub usually comprises a tub, faucet, and shower. The tub is a huge container that could hold water and allows us to soak our bodies. Faucets and showers are equipment directly attached to the water supply so that they could let water flow into the bathtub. They can also control water volume and temperature with valves as well. After a bath, the water flows into the drainage system through the bathtub drain that is built in the bathtub.

What is the difference between a bath and a shower?

Both being popular choices in bathrooms, they differ in fundamental ways in terms of the basic apparatus required, the water they consume, and the space they occupy.

1. Main difference

When taking a shower, you can stand in a continuous spray of water whose temperature is constant. During a bath, we soak ourselves entirely or partially in hot water, which may cool down and needs to be reheated.

2. Basic apparatus

A shower that adheres to the wall of our bathrooms is the basics for a shower room, while a bathtub or other containers are necessary for a bath. Therefore, our bathrooms need to be large enough to place a bathtub, while a shower is less demanding.

3. Water consumption

A shower generally takes less water than a bath does in that it uses running water and takes less time, while the water we use for a bath depends on the capacity of our bathtubs.

4. Space occupied

A shower also requires less space than a bathtub because a bathtub takes a certain area while a shower is attached to the wall. But we may need to set an enclosure as a shower room to prevent water from spraying everywhere.

Pros and Cons of Shower and Bath

Now that you have understood the fundamental differences between a bath and a shower, it is time to consider what are the pros and cons related to them and make your decision between the two.

1. Advantages of a bath

A bathtub could effectively reduce sprays of water and releases us from the troubles of cleaning floors. Besides, it can be good comfort both physically and psychologically because baths of hot water would relax our muscles and nerves. Some bathtubs have enriched features and accessories that are specifically developed for us to enjoy the pleasure of bath.

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2. Disadvantages of a bath

A bath is more demanding on the dimensions of our bathrooms and we need to plan the layout to decide where to locate them and what types of bathtubs are suitable, and subsequently adjust our plumbing system accordingly. What’s more, a bathtub needs to be maintained every day to keep it clean. It also requires a relatively higher budget plan for both bathtubs and installation costs.

3. Advantages of a shower

A shower provides us with a continuous flow of hot water that keeps our bodies warm. Besides, a shower is more hygiene to some extent because the polluted water will immediately flow into the drainage system. Moreover, a shower is more environmentally friendly because it consumes less water.

4. Disadvantages of a shower

A shower can be the most well-liked household apparatus as well as the most annoying one in your bathroom. Frequently reported malfunctions concerned with showers to include water leakage, unstable water flow, rusty hardware, and water sprayed everywhere. We need to carefully choose a shower with reliable and enduring quality to avoid these problems.

How to choose the bathtub and shower?

Now you understand that be it shower or bathtub, each type has its pros and cons. The debate over baths or shower is not concerned with which is better but it is a matter of deciding your own choice. Therefore, here comes the final question. How to choose the bathtub and shower that truly suits you and your bathroom? The following are a few factors you should take into consideration.

1. The size of your bathroom

If your bathroom is large enough, you can have both. But not many of us share the luxury of having them simultaneously in our bathroom. Generally speaking, bathtubs are for households with enough budget while a shower is suitable for all.

2. Bathroom configuration

Remember that you need to design the layout of your bathroom in advance to leave enough space for a bathtub or a shower room. Besides, if you have decided to choose a bathtub, you may need to measure the size of your bathroom to buy a bathtub of the appropriate dimension.

3. Family member

If you live in a big family, you may consider implementing a shower in your bathroom in that it reduces the risk of passing disease. For families with members that need special care, a bathtub can be more convenient and considerate.


We need to make careful decisions when we choose between baths or shower. A bathtub is suitable for houses with a large bathroom and enough budget plan while a shower can be a safe option for the majority of us. Whether you are considering a bath or a shower, you can find more choices at LESSO, a reliable provider of bathroom products.