Bathroom Plumbing Guide

Bathroom Plumbing Guide

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Homeowners often seek methods to make their houses better – whether they are reorganizing or renovating. Many respond to the concept of refurbishing a bathroom. You may be intrigued but do not know where to begin plumbing in the bathroom.

It may be pretty overwhelming and complex to install plumbing equipment. Each fixture and drain is linked to a primary supply line for water and a drain, waste, and drain system. This simple guide contains a bathroom plumbing guide to offer a valuable homeowner property.

What Plumbing is Needed for a Bathroom?

The Water Supply in the Home

Your bathroom’s water supply is supplied by a well or a pipe connected to the city’s water source. The main water supply line is usually found in the basement or crawlspace of most homes. Water is delivered through a supply line pipe, which is approximately 0.1 inch in diameter or larger. (Because its inside diameter measures a pipe, a 1-inch copper pipe has an outside diameter of about 1 1/8 inch.) In the majority of situations, the line will pass via at least one central cutoff valve.

Then it generally goes through a water meter, and there is likely another main shut down after that. The primary supply line is usually sent to the water heater, separated into cold and hot water pipes. Supply pipes nearly often travel in pairs, hot or cold, from there. Piping from the water heater is generally 3/4 inch in diameter, although they might be 1/2 inch.

Drains and Vents

Water is directed away from fixtures and out of the house via the drain, waste, and vent system. The bathroom vent system sends air to the drain system to guarantee waste flows out of your bathroom plumbing systems. This system is often composed of stiff plastic PVC or ABS pipes linking your plumbing to a soil stack, a vertical stack of pipes beginning in the basement and connecting to the incoming sewer line.

The top of the stack frequently passes through the roof, enabling gases to escape and boost drain flow by drawing fresh air. Every bathroom fixture must be linked to one of your home’s central vents. It is typically advisable to have a qualified professional plumber examine, repair, or install any vent system-related items.

Drains and Vents

How Are Bathroom Pipes Connected?

Drain lines for the shower/tub, sink, and toilet must all have different diameters. To determine which size would be acceptable for your bathroom appliances, you would need to have a solid understanding of plumbing. This is critical for ensuring that they function correctly. Water may seep onto the floor as a result of improper drainage.

The rough-in is frequently the most challenging aspect of plumbing. Three distinct types of pipes are used in the rough-in for a toilet. The water supply, typically made from 1/2-inch copper pipe, finishes at a shutoff valve located beneath the tank. The waste line, which might be 3- or 4-inch PVC tubing, links to the sewer through a vertical waste stack and the toilet via a closet flange. 

Furthermore, the waste line must be vented through a 2-inch pipe that exits outdoors. The arrangement of these pipes is determined by the toilet position about pre-existing plumbing and the house’s structure.

Bathroom Pipes Connected


Bathroom plumbing may be complex, especially if you are unfamiliar with the necessary supplies and fittings. To maximize the worth of your house, you may need to employ the right skills and devote a substantial amount of time to the process. 

For all of these reasons, you must carefully select the pipes and shower hoses that are most suited to your property. You don’t want to constantly contact an emergency plumbing service because you put the improper pipes for the bathroom.

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