What Is the Best Watering System for a Greenhouse?

Best Watering System for a Greenhouse

A watering system is one of the most important parts of your greenhouse so it is important that you choose the right one that doesn’t provide either too much or too little water. A watering system is in charge of applying water to the greenhouse-grown plants at interval times quantities. You always need to consider how much water your greenhouse will need and how much money do you have for its maintenance. Choosing the right watering system can save you money and ensure that your greenhouse works properly.

What Types of Watering System for A Greenhouse Are There?

Misting Watering System

This system contains nylon, PVC, or stainless steel pipes, spray nozzles, and a pump. The pump forces the water through the spray nozzles releasing a fine mist. The water feels like a cool breeze that cools the hot air in the top area and lowers the temperature of the entire greenhouse. This system makes sure to deliver only the necessary quantity of moisture while reducing the waste.

The mist is produced within eight inches of the greenhouse plants and it doesn’t produce any damp or wet feeling because the drops are smaller than a human hair. This type of system is recommended for greenhouses with extreme heat and humidity like tropical places. Another positive feature of this type of system is that they use little energy, about 80% less than an air conditioner which makes it more environmentally friendly.

Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation is administered to a crop through drip technology, it applies small amounts of water uniformly across an area. Due to the fact that the water is delivered directly to the root crop zone, it eliminates runoff, evaporation, and drift, the water and nutrients are evenly distributed to all the crops. This system is ideal to conserve water and you can extend it and customized it according to your greenhouse.

Overhead Sprinklers System

It consists of using pipes placed above the plants and it is distributed by overhead sprinkler systems that can be adjusted to different spray ranges. You can use it with automatic control to save time and improve its efficiency. This system is recommended for crops with leafy greens such as lettuce, cabbage, kale, arugula, and collards.

Ebb And Flo w Irrigation System

This system involves delivering the water to each table by using a water inlet, water is applied to the bottom of the plants, and from there it travels to the roots. The water reached the desire levels and then recirculates through the system reducing its impact on the environment. They can be designed are stationary or rolling systems. All the plants are watered uniformly at the same time and it becomes easier to control the humidity thanks to the dry floor and plant foliage.

What Is Greenhouse Intelligent Irrigation?

Smart greenhouse irrigation systems enable you to control the system through your mobile device. Traditional irrigation is based on your personal feeling of how much water the crops need while a smart system comes with a soil moisture sensor that you can monitor in real-time and help you to control irrigation. Whenever the system detects the soil moisture is lower than usual,   the system will automatically activate the irrigation and once the moisture reaches the standard,   it will automatically shut down the system. There are also weather-based irrigation controllers which use local weather data from reliable sources and sets the irrigation schedule based on an analysis of local temperature, isolation, humidity, and wind.

Greenhouse Intelligent Irrigation

Multiple wireless sensors are set up in the greenhouse that not only controls irrigation but also other factors such as temperature, indoor lighting, and carbon dioxide levels. All the data is collected on a cloud-based system that can access from any device on any location and use to evaluate the progress of your greenhouse and track your goals.

Benefits Of Greenhouse Intelligence Irrigation System

Smart irrigation systems are your best choice to save money and increase the efficiency of your greenhouse. It consists of smart controllers and delivery systems. You can adjust your controller based on the weather conditions, plant types, soil type, and slope which helps you use water in a more efficient way, thus reducing the waste and lowering your water bills. The traditional system can waste around 50% of the water due to problems during irrigation such as overwatering and evaporation.

Smart Irrigation System

It doesn’t matter if your greenhouse has different zones with plants that have different water needs, a smart irrigation system will ensure each area has the right amount of water and nutrients that it needs.

A smart irrigation system only uses the right amount of water for your plants, which not only reduces the waste but it also enhances the beauty of your greenhouse because you won’t have to worry about overwatering. It reduces runoff and soil erosion because when there is excess water it will travel somewhere else and carry pesticides and fertilizers that were used in the land with it.

Installing a smart irrigation system makes it easier to maintain your greenhouse, it takes care of the greenhouse for you and you can access the data anytime you want. You can have peace of mind knowing that even if you are away your plants will receive enough water.


When it comes to selecting the best irrigation system for your greenhouse you need to make sure to select only high-quality products from reputable companies. Watering is a crucial part of your greenhouse and without it, your plants simply wouldn’t survive. Your irrigation system is an investment so you definitely want it to last as long as possible.

One of the basic pieces of equipment that you need for your irrigation system is the pipes and LESSO produces the best of the market. It is made with the best materials that are able to withstand high volumes of water and enjoy low-flow resistance. The material is resistant to corrosion and lasts up to 50 years if you maintain it properly so it is definitely worth your money.

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