What is Wooden Fire-rated Door?

Wooden Fire Rated Door

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Fire is a threat to any type of property, be it commercial, residential, or industrial. However, when it is about protecting these spaces, fire extinguishers aren’t enough to tackle the situation. Therefore, incorporating different types of fire strategies is the only way to safeguard your commercial or residential property.

Apart from standard fire detection equipment such as fire alarms and smoke detectors, you should consider fire rated doors. A wooden fire rated door will help you protect your premises and ensure that fire doesn’t spread. In short, these doors contain the fire in one area.

What is a wooden fire-rated door?

Typically, a wooden fire rated door is specifically designed to withstand raging fires for a stipulated timeframe. As a result, it helps buildings to separate and delay the expansion of fire from one space to another. Fire-rated doors have crucial safety features that play a key role between life and death.

Fire-rated doors are manufactured using certain fire-resistant materials such as gypsum, glass, steel, metal, timber, or vermiculite boards. These doors can prevent the spread of fire to nearby unaffected areas and gives enough time for the emergency services to put out the fire. That way, you can salvage your property to a great extent.

Moreover, other than its ability to withstand extreme temperature, fire rated doors are tested for their resistance threshold. This is the reason why many homeowners are installing these doors. Furthermore, the materials used to make residential fire rated doors make them resistant to corrosion.

Also, they are extremely durable regardless of any kind of environment. Precisely, the most important functions of a wooden fire rate door are:

  • When they are closed, they create a barrier and stop further spread of fire
  • When they are opened, they allow the flames to escape

Moreover, the fire resistance ratings provide you with guidelines regarding safety issues. The main purpose of these ratings is to evaluate the durability of the material used to contain the fire within an area while maintaining structural integrity.

Also, these ratings are useful because they help determine whether a constructed site can provide its occupants with adequate time to evacuate the area. You may have noticed minutes or hours as a way to denote fire rating labels on fire doors. It is the fire endurance rating that can range from A to C, where C is the lowest degree of fire resistance and A is the highest.

The ratings are based on tests conducted against time such a 20, 40, 60, or 90 minutes. However, a fire rating doesn’t indicate the time that the door needs to withstand fire. So, a door that’s rated 60 minutes doesn’t guarantee that it will withstand fire as long as 60 minutes.

It means that the door can be held for up to 60 minutes when tested in a controlled environment. In real-scenario, contributing factors such as heat intensity can reduce the estimated time significantly.

fire-rated door help during a fire

How can a fire-rated door help during a fire?

It is beyond doubt that no doors can be made 100% fireproof. And, in some incidents of fire, temperatures can rise higher enough to melt even steel structures. Keep in mind that a fire door is not to survive a fire.

But it slows down the spread of fire and keeps it contained in the specific area as much as possible. They resist the penetration of heat and smoke for a given timeframe. Also, they provide adequate time for the occupants to exit the building.

While people focus more on the element of fire, they underestimate the importance of smoke inhalation. As such, people die as a result of smoke inhalation in residential fires. Fire rated wood doors protect your assets and property while firefighters work on procedures to extinguish the fire.

Because the doors are self-latching, they contain fire giving people enough time for an escape. Moreover, it provides an aesthetic appeal and is available in a variety of finishes and styles. And, the smoke reduction features prevent the spreading of deadly smoke.

Why do you need a wooden fire-rated door?

Wooden fire rated doors provide numerous benefits to both residential and commercial spaces. Moreover, with the right installation, these doors can last a lifetime. Also, it protects your property and everything inside it. So, you must choose your door according to the requirements of your building.

However, fire rated doors aren’t typically designed for commercial and residential buildings. People can use them for their houses as well. Having a wooden fire rated door in your house can save you from a lot of hassle in case a fire breaks out.

These doors can contain a fire in certain areas of your home that might be the prominent cause of a house fire. You can choose to have a fire-rated door installed in places like the kitchen or basement where you keep several electrical devices. Wooden rated fire doors add a layer of security and allow you to exit in case of a house fire.

Fire doors can provide you with peace of mind in adverse situations. However, you have to use these doors properly to get the most of them. Therefore, closing the door properly can prevent heat and smoke from entering other areas of the building and causing harm to the occupants or destroying the property.

So, the benefits of installing fire doors are many and you should consider having them. Lesso is a brand that you can trust if you need a fire-rated door to be installed on your property. With different options available, you can get the perfect fire rated door for your property. Get in touch with them so that they can help you find the best solution for your needs.


If you have been things about improving fire strategies for your property, installing fire rated wood doors is the right way to go. Keep in mind that fire-rated doors are an integral part of your building’s safety and aesthetics. And, installing the right wooden fire rated door can withstand roaring flames for as long as possible.

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