Portable Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

Product Overview:

Portable water mist fire extinguisher is composed of machine head, cylinder , discharge system and other parts. It utilizes nitrogen as driving gas and AFFF3 agent spray to put out fire. Be mainly used to put out class A fire(solid) , class B fire(non-water-solubility flammable liquid), especially beginning fire of petroleum products. Combined with dry powder fire extinguisher will achieve better efficiency of fire suppression. As a new efficient fire extinguisher, it is best for enterprises, factories, oil fields , oil depots , ships and etc.
Manufacturing standard : GB4351. 1-2005 “Portable fire extinguishers - Part 1 :Performance and construction” Testing standard . GB/T 4351. 3-2005 “Portable fire extinguishers - Part 3:Regulations”