Wheeled Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

Product Overview:

Water mist fire extinguisher, also named as mechanical foam fire extinguisher, is applicable to put out class B fire, such as oil products , oils and fats. It can also put class A fire, but cannot put out the fires caused by water-soluble and flammable liquids of class B, such as alcohol , ester, ether, ketone, cannot also put out class C fire(gas products, such as coal gas , natural gas, firedamp, ethane, dimethylmethane, hydrogen etc.) and class D fire ( metal products , such as kalium , natrium, magnesium , aluminum-magnesium alloy etc. ).


Be applicable to put out at the beginning of fire in crowded places, such as office buildings, cars, trains, planes, ships, movie theaters, hotels, homes, conference halls, sporting areas and libraries. It is still suitable to put out the fire caused by flammable liquids and organic solid, such as petrol, diesel, wood, paper, rubber, cotton and hemp.