Mooring System

Product Overview:

Type: stone mound
Material: granite or ferroconcrete
Number: 16 or 12 pieces
Remark: take four as a group

Type: stake
Material: pine or seamless steel tube
Number: 16 or 12
Remark: calculate groups of four, and clump of stakes consist of three stakes in each one

Type: high holding power anchor
Standard: ≥400kg
Material: No.35 steel
Number: 16 or 12
Remark: take four as a group


In view of the rapidly changing sea conditions, LESSO cage is used large cement pier to sea bottom for fixed, with advanced tension buffer structure, the principal and vice cables to distribute the cage to each point evenly, minimize the impact of wind and wave on the cage in the worst envrionment, provides adequate protection for safety of the cage.